How To Spruce Up A Boring Office Space (Without Going Overboard)

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Jan 19th 2016

How To Spruce Up A Boring Office Space (Without Going Overboard)

The morale of your workers, or your family/roommates , if you have a home office, may hit a sour note from time to time. To reduce this, it is important to keep in mind the importance of the environment in which they work. No one wants to see the same drab space day in and out. But how do you pepper up your workspace without going too crazy? There are many things to consider, including what look you’re going for. Luckily, in the case of an office, a theme is not of importance. You want to keep it professional yet dapper. Here are a few tips to spruce up your home or work office.

The chairs:

What is an office without proper seating? You want to find seats that offer quality comfort and a sophisticated design. Comfort does not simply entail the material of a chair’s seat, but the functionality of it. For easy maneuvering, it is best to buy a chair that is height-adjustable so you can sit at your desk and view screens and documents without having to undergo back aches. Consider using a chair that swivels, for that, it is best to get one with wheels . Finally, consider the construction of the chair’s body. Is it too soft? Too firm? Great additions to any office that take these properties into account are the following:

The Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair Replica:
This gorgeous Eames office chair replica has heavy block-style padding and five-tube swivel columns. The body is made of genuine Italian leather while the arm rests and tubular steel columns have a stainless steel sheen. It also has a lever for height adjustment. This chair is perfect if you prefer chairs with a higher backside.

Eames Soft Pad Management Chair Replica:
A great alternative to the Eames Aluminum Softpad Executive Chair is the Eames Aluminum Group Style Softpad Management Chair. It looks much like the first Eames office chair but comes with a smaller back. You can also mix and match the Eames chairs instead of being bogged down to one. They have similar designs that give the air of professionalism, perfect for any office.

Criss Cross Office Chair Espresso by Zuo:

If you are looking for something more detailed, check out the Criss Cross Office Chair Espresso by Zuo. This chair features elaborate criss cross panels on the chair’s back, a nice touch if you like accentuated details. Like its Eames counterparts, this Zuo office chair has a five wheel swivel and a lever.

The Lighting:

Lighting fixtures should never just be about light. They take up space, so they should exude a pleasant appearance for your office as well. Manhattan Home Design has various floor lamps that command attention due to their artistic compositions.

The Arco Floor Lamp:

The Arco floor lamp is an arched lamp that sits on a marble base and extends a long, curved column attached to the rounded hood. It may look large, but the column is thin and won’t get in the way. A toned down version of the Arco floor lamp is the Arco Sunflower Lamp, also by modernist Italian designer Achille Castiglioni.

Here are some more lighting fixtures if floor lamps aren’t your thing:

Credence Metal Table Lamp:

Talk about blending technology with design! This unusual table lamp looks more like a piece of machinery with its gears, wires and pull-like aesthetic. A great a addition to any desk or table that will decrease the amount of paperwork, due to its considerable size.

The Atom Chandelier:

Give your office a scientific ambiance with this atom chandelier! If you prefer hanging lights in your office, this chandelier is the way to go! It’s elegant yet very modern and in mode. It also can fit up to 7 bulbs for optimal lighting.

Final touches:

After you’ve chosen some chairs and lighting to rev up your office, remember that there are more simple ways to make it more aesthetically up to speed. Add a few plants here and there (they don’t have to be real). Add some frames to the walls and remove unnecessary collateral (boxes, excess paper, etc) and you’ve got yourself a renovated office!