Choosing The Best Base For Your Arco Lamp Replica

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Feb 8th 2016

The Arco Lamp replica is a must for midcentury modern enthusiasts, or for anyone who desires to add some charm to their indoor space through lighting. No other lighting fixture has accumulated as much fame and mass production as the Castiglioni Arco lamp. This arched floor lamp stands on genuine Carrara marble from its namesake city in Italy. Given that the Arco lamp replica is an investment, it is of importance to ensure the kind you choose will be satisfactory for the long run, that is, in terms of the marble base. At Manhattan Home Design, our Arco lamp replica comes in two base designs, one in black, the other in white. Before making your purchase, consider some of these designs to help you figure which color will work best for your design scheme. You may just be surprised which marble base sits well with what furniture.

Making the Case for:

A Black Marble Base

This living room setup features an influx of blacks and whites, so either the white or the black marble base would blend in. However, most of the accessories in this room are in white, including the shelving, the table and the podium-like pillar. The black marble base in this Arco floor lamp balances out the black and white look of the room and fills the otherwise white-accented, black-lacking room. Black is also usually a good match for prominently red objects, which in this case is the set of two red arm chairs. A modernist living room, this one dares to add a bold dose of the Asian style with a floor table. This marble base color adds to the boldness of the room without counteracting the black and white color scheme.

The Arco lamp replica is a compelling addition to bedrooms as well as living rooms. Although this room has dark walls, the Arco lamp’s black base is not hidden. Instead, its darker black color stands out from the rest of the darkened pieces, in this case just the walls. Thus, it is easily seen and is sure to be a focal point, visually doubling as a small side table. IT’s pretty amazing that a color alternative to the base of this lamp can create this illusion. This room features some white tones with a flurry of red hues, which includes oranges and even a magenta rug. The all-over black layout of the marble base does not conflict with any of the colors and evens out the dark and colored themes of this room.

A White Marble Base

This room is a design haven, with major midcentury pieces, none of which conflict with one another. Notice how the hanging bubble chair is not perturbed, design-wise, by hanging right beside the stem of the Arco floor lamp. This arch lamp manages to be in close proximity to it, while still lighting up the coffee table, with no clashes. Choosing a white marble base is ideal in this scenario, as the Arco lamp is aptly placed by the patterned wall. The black and white bracket-like patterns of the wall match seamlessly with the white body of the Arco lamp’s base and its black strokes. With a black base, there would be no strokes, rather just a black block, which wouldn’t match as well with the wall. It would also seem less like a part of another piece of furniture and more like an extension of the black fire place. Notice how well other colors work in this room, with slight contrasts to the wall. Tints of green and light green add some flavor to this room.

The walls in this living area are slightly darker than this white marble base, which is noticeable despite the marble material’s classic grey-black strokes. This eliminates a kind of bland sameness if they were all the same shade of white. The two centered tables are distinctly white, which matches appropriately with the Arco lamp’s white base. What’s most striking is that the white marble of this Arco lamp replica brings out the white of the two large plant pots, which are outside of this house. It accentuates the plants and therefore their pink heads and green stems, making them look more present and more a part of the living room despite that they are outside and viewed behind glass.