Curl Up In The Womb Chair Replica And Ottoman

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Jan 30th 2017

Curl Up In The Womb Chair Replica And Ottoman

Coming back home to curl up in your most favorite chair. BLISS! Just the thought gets us grinning ear to ear. And one such chair that I’d love to snuggle in after a long day at work is the Womb Chair. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! However, the only issue faced by me just like the many out there is, how do we afford this supremely comfortable chair? Even exorbitant doesn’t come close to describing the pricing!

But thinking aloud, have any of you considered buying furniture replicas? I think it's the smartest invention by mankind! You get to own stuff that looks like the original but is just not priced the same as the original. It is one of those rare times, when you can cut your cake and eat it too!

Let's look at the Womb Chair. Originally designed by Eero Saarinen, this masterpiece is a creation caused due to perseverance. Once Saarinen, in cooperation with Charles Eames, won the Organic Design Competition conducted by MoMA, he wanted more. His aim was to create a chair that would be comfortable even without multiple layers of cushioning. And, voila! Then came the Womb Chair.

A close imitation of the original is the Womb Chair Replica and Ottoman offered by Manhattan Home Design. Beautifully sitting on a stainless steel frame is the notably cozy fibreglass shell. Chiseled to perfection, the fibreglass shell on Womb Chair Replica by Manhattan Home Design is tempered and molded to provide you with extreme comfort. Embedded with foot caps, the stainless steel legs ensure you don’t scratch your floor.

This upholstered artistry, is cushioned to perfection. The cushion in the Womb Chair Replica and Ottoman by Manhattan Home Design is of an extremely high density foam. And when you add reclined seating to it, it surpasses all levels of satisfaction that a chair gives you.

Ah! I can imagine resting on it already!

The Ottoman that comes with the Womb Chair Replica, is also obtainable in fabrics and colors that match the chair. The base of the Ottoman has a stainless steel frame just like the chair and is supplied with a chrome finish.

The Womb Chair Replica and Ottoman by Manhattan Home Design comes with arm rests accentuating the pleasures derived by it! Offered in wool and tweed fabrics, the Womb Chair Replica will allow you to slouch, lounge or just exist - whatever your mood for the day is! The better part of this sweet deal is that not only is the Womb Chair Replica and Ottoman by Manhattan Home Design furnished in different fabrics, but it is also available in a profusion of colors.

Womb chair replica

To sum it all up, the Womb Chair Replica and Ottoman by Manhattan Home Design luxuriously transforms a place. I’m sure you can imagine yourself sitting in the lap of luxury and contemplating that important life decision or just reading a book. We think, this is one of the best mid century modern furniture pieces to own. And i’m sure you’ll agree!

Womb lounge chair reproduction