Hidden Features Found In Our Eames Lounge Chair

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Aug 7th 2020

One visit to our NYC midcentury modern furniture showroom or peek at our website will leave you drooling and ogling at our Eames Lounge Chair replica. (User experience may differ) Our Eames Lounge reproduction is the throne of comfort and a high point of midcentury modern design. When making your selection of the myriads of Eames Lounge Chair replicas swarming the internet and elsewhere, it may be hard to pick one. Everyone strives to guarantee quality and looks, but every Eames Lounge Chair replica may withhold some things that are hidden from plain view, and they may not always be pleasant or desirable.

We thus see it necessary to be completely open about what our midcentury modern furniture has store. Our Eames lounge Chair reproduction has some hidden features we’d like to come clean about. But worry, not, for the hidden features in our Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman replica are assets. Although ancillary pieces, the hidden features in our Eames Lounge Chair replicas will augment your lounging experience all the more.

First-Rate shock Mounts:

What are shock mounts and why should you care? Shock mounts are mechanical apparatuses that connect two parts of a piece of furniture. In this case, the shock mounts connect the base of the lounge chair with each side on the lower body. Our Eames lounge chair replica has two shock mounts on each side that provide ultra-strength, so the chair will never dismantle. Though unseen, our shock mounts are one of the ONLY ones on the market that use silicon instead of rubber. Rubber easily undergoes wear and tear and can crack over time. Silicon, on the other hand, provides amazing support without any decay. Also, the shock mounts have copper plate interiors which don’t rust. The chair is thus virtually indestructible. It will not fall apart.

Polished Wooden Veneers…Everywhere:

While most lounge chairs have only visible polished (not lacquered) wooden veneers, the Manhattan Home Design Eames lounge chair replica has this high-quality wooden finish all over. It covers every part that has wood, that is. So when you replace the cushions, given that our seating and ottoman cushions are interchangeable, you’ll notice the wooden interiors (not lacquered). However, not every lounge chair replica has the same type of wooden design on the insides of the chair, as is on the outside. The same goes for the upper part of the chair and the headrest, with the inner wood slightly exposed. Your lounge chair will truly be that of luxury.

Softens With Time:

It is known that time ages everything. Time can also heal all wounds. With our Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman replica, the latter rings true. Your first experience sitting on our high-quality, memory foam seat with fell rather firm. This firmness shows the strength and vigor of the chair. But if you prefer chairs to be on the softer side, don’t fret. Our lounge chairs are built to soften over time, with each use. Do not misinterpret softening for a kind of flattening. Our chairs will remain puffy due to the nature of the memory foam.

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