Styling With The Womb Chair

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Aug 7th 2020

Styling With The Womb Chair

The Womb Chair replica, a replica of Eero Saarinen’s womb chair and ottoman brings the best of midcentury mastermind Eero Saarinen’s designs. Comforting and sizable, this chair is the product of two distinguished designers: Eero Saarinen and Charles Eames. While it is considered largely an Eero Sarinen product, Saarinen himself had collaborated with the Eameses in the 1940s, as well as Florence Knoll, which has shaped his ideas in creating the womb chair and ottoman. After it hit the market in 1948, the Womb chair skyrocketed in popularity, becoming an emblem of American modernism. Still in high use today and coveted by midcentury enthusiasts, the womb chair is a dapper addition to most indoor spaces. See how to style it in your home:

Surrounded by Art and Punctuating Shag Rugs


The womb chair replica is a worthy counterpart of artistic touches such as wall art, and flower-filled vases. A great source of comfort, it is only apt that the womb chair sits atop shag carpeting or rugs, which are known for their softness and high levels of comfort. In this setup, side tables play a major role as the artistic pieces, being that there are five of them in varying styles and material. Three are styled a la rusty metals, looking as if someone had painted them over bronze and silver, and the paint has withered over time, an aesthetic rendered on purpose, to give them a semblance of antiques. The wicker side table is primarily for the womb chair user, as it is posited most close to the womb chair. The other “main” side table is the largest and shiniest, a perfect fixture for the large flower vase and other accessories. The womb chair replica sits impeccably in this area of different textures and art, with its own unique and artistic form.

Reinvigorating a Home Office

womb chair reproduction

Offices are notorious for their dullness and monotony, but it does not have to be this way, much less in a home office. The womb chair replica can rupture the most boring aesthetic and add a splash of eccentricity. This home office follows a theme of rustic accents (the wooden wall shelving unit, wall panels, chairs, desks, accessories), alternating between brown and white pieces. The green womb chair does not conform to this scheme, breaking the mold with its presence. Yet it still belongs here, as a kind of furniture of relief from the study-oriented area. A home office can be a place of comfort too, and the womb chair replica provides the perfect recourse, not to mention that it zests up the office with its large, curving shape and smooth body.

Adapting to a Color-Themed Living Room

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A living room needs not to be grandiose in size and space. If “home is where the heart is,” the living room is the center of the heart, as the most time is spent in it. The womb chair is an essential component in this living room setup, which uses a scheme of black, white and grey hues, and tinges of red. This living room makes useful and decorative use of all space, as there is no empty space. The painted and framed walls also add to the wholeness of the room. The candleholders and sleek lamp behind the womb chair add doses of metallic flair to the room, which complement the grey hues. The womb chair and ottoman, with its size and stature, add the greatest amount of red to this room, adding a color burst in a room otherwise devoid of color. The reds here jump out at you almost like colors in a black and white newspaper page. With only one loft sofa in this living room, the womb chair is another valuable resting option.

Adding to the Comfort of a Bedroom

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Bedrooms can have office-like stations, sofas, bookshelves, etc. The only thing that binds bedrooms together is the bed; besides that, your interior design imagination is free to wander, to create a bedroom most apt to your style. In this setup, the bed is also the main area, as this room takes a rather minimalist approach in terms of furniture. Both a side table and a statue furnish the bed’s wall space, while the rest of the bedroom is rather bare. The womb chair replica balances this aesthetic, as it is a main piece of furniture in this room, save for the bed. It’s a perfect addition to the otherwise empty corner, its ottoman adding more furnished space. A few rustic tones add a tint of style, with the wooden ceiling, side table and Nelson bench replica. The womb chair replica provides a place to relax without overusing the bed or to take in the view, as it is aptly sitting beside the balcony.

Gracing a Library

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Whether it is a home office, a study or a library, the womb chair replica is biblio-friendly. In fact, it was designer Florence Knoll who urged Saarinen to design a chair to curl up in with a good book. The womb chair replica allows for long periods of comfortably sitting, lounging and slouching. There is no better chair for reading than a lounge chair, and the womb chair and ottoman is ideal, with its wide armrests and movable cushions. The womb chair is a vessel of beauty in this home library. Book-lined walls with occasional accessories create a reading haven. The glass coffee table is a great alternative to the abounding wood and also a suitable place to stock more books and accessories. No simple couch or armchair can deliver style and comfort the way the womb chair replica does; it is our pride and joy here at Manhattan Home Design.

womb chair replica