Furniture for children: The Eames Rocking chair

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Dec 10th 2018

Furniture for children: The Eames Rocking chair

Many people don’t know than the Eames couple, Charles (the architect) and Ray (the painter), spent a lot of their working hours designing toys for children. Both artists really enjoyed the idea of pleasure within work, within creativity, and they all enjoyed their leisure time.

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Creativity and playfulness are two character traits that most find people can find within themselves, especially when they’re kids. The Eames couple knew this, and they not only designed a variety of toys and other funny items, but also imbued this philosophy into their chairs.

The Eames Rocking chair

When people think about furniture, they usually look at it from the adult point of view. Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, lighting, seating. All of these are adult things. We tend to forget that children can also enjoy many mid-century items, like the Eames Hanger, or even a George Nelson Ball Clock.

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Items like the Rocking chair could also be very enjoyable for children. It has a very small frame, which is still comfortable, and fits very well in any bedroom. It can work as a reading chair, or just a place for playing, for leisure activities.

Getting yourself a quality replica

This chair is a good place to start thinking about furniture for children. It could also serve as a gateway for parents to start thinking about the design that goes into their offspring’s bedroom and personal spaces.

Manhattan Home Design, one of the best mid-century furniture replica manufacturers, offers a white version for only $299. It follows the original design and polypropylene finish, which is completely recyclable, along with a signature Eiffel tower chromed steel base and wooden sliders at the bottom.

Suggested Item: Eames Rocking Chair

If you do choose to get one, you could pair with lots of different items. Manhattan Home Design does not have a very large selection of Kids furniture, but they do have a number of beds, sideboards, and tables that could make your children’s lives a bit more artistic and playful.