How these 5 Manhattan Home Design items are changing the replica game

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Dec 7th 2018

How these 5 Manhattan Home Design items are changing the replica game

Manhattan Home Design is an online furniture company specializing in mid-century modernist replicas. Their Eames Lounge chair is a hit, and they also offer other mainstream items like Noguchi tables and Arco lamps. Designer furniture for less, and well made.

The replica industry is packed with websites trying to convince you that their reproductions are as good as the original, but sometimes they deviate a little, and this is not always a bad thing. MHD goes both ways in this regard, but here are 5 renditions that speak a little more about their particular creativity.

  • 1.Rocking Armchair White ($299)

Suggested Item: Eames Rocking chair

This is a very simple replica of the Eames rocking chair, an offset of the very common dining chair shape with a moving wooden base underneath. The company acknowledges their inspiration but brings you an affordable product that seems like a total bang for your buck.

  • 2.Papa Bear Lounge chair and ottoman ($1,857.0)

Suggested Item: Bear Lounge chair

This one is inspired by Hans Wegner and it looks great. The upholstery is 100% cotton and foaming, and the base is top-quality wood. It follows the original design all the way to the handles on the ottoman, so you can tell they know their stuff, even if the name’s not branded.

  • 3.Glove Leather lounge chair and Skien Armchair ($3,211 & $2,992.50)

Suggested Item: Glove Leather lounge Chair

These are two very different replicas of the Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen. The first one is whole black leather with an added ottoman (hence the price), while the second is a cheaper rendition in Polyblend. They’re also advertising another “Egg chair” with the same price as the Skien but in red upholstery.

  • 4.Swan chair and Pori chairs ($926 & $1,792.50)

Suggested Item: Swan Chair

Another Jacobsen design. The first one is your regular Swan chair, you can see that the spaces between the back and the armrests are narrower, a really true-to-design replica. The Pori array of chairs seem to follow the same concept, but they’re a little bigger and made of (obviously) a more expensive material.

  • 5.No. 45 chair ($883)

Available in a wide variety of colors, this is the work of a lesser-known genius, Finn Juhl. It has a very contemporary vibe to it, and it really doesn’t look like a reproduction. The company is playing a little with the different configurations but they don’t subtract any elements from the original design, so you can get the equivalent of a true No. 45 chair fit to your own style. How great is that?