Inspot Lounge chair and ottoman gray

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Jan 9th 2019

Inspot Lounge chair and ottoman gray

The clean, sleek lines of the Inspot chair follow the Scandinavian style of furniture design, just like the Ramp Upholstered set and other variants like the Silent chair or the Solo rocker arm chair. However, the Inspot lounge sports a much trendier look, with a tougher undertone reminiscent of the American modernist furniture classics.

At as asking price of $1,162.80, the Inspot lounge chair with ottoman comes with a dark gray shade and walnut frame, which makes it a very appealing accent piece for light-colored living rooms and a comfortable and warm companion for darker interior design schemes. The thick padding is the same that you can find on the Solo rocker chair and the Silent chair as well.

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This chair is a tad inspired by the furniture of Jens Risom, one of the predecessors of the modern Scandinavian style, who was responsible for bringing this kind of furniture to the United States. Risom’s furniture has been displayed in the Brooklyn Museum, MoMA, and the Yale University Art Gallery.

Features and measurements

The strong oaken wood frame is softly contrasted by the gray leatherette cushions, which are entirely filled with the most flexible top-quality foam. The chair is 27.5 inches wide, much more broad than its other Scandinavian counterparts, and much lighter as well, at a shipping weight of 60 lbs.

Manhattan Home Design wants to offer you affordable solutions to expensive furniture, becoming one of the first companies with extensive recognition for mid-century modernist pieces and replicas. This is not a designer replica, but it is crafted with the same spirit and passion as our other lounge chairs. The beautiful styling of the wood, as well as an ever-present commitment to durability and ergonomics makes this chair one of MHD’s furniture triumphs.