This Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Replica should get a design award

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Nov 23rd 2018

Imagine for a minute that you have all the money in the world, or at least enough to purchase the Eames lounge chair you’ve always wanted. That would be a lot of money, right? About $5,000 or $6,000. But there’s no other way around it, right? There’s only one type of Eames lounger on the market.

Actually (if you’re still not aware of it), that’s not the case anymore. Nowadays, mid-century furniture replicas are thriving, but there’s a big problem: they’re replicas, they’re not original. And even though the price looks great, sometimes the quality is not the best (to say the least).

Suggested Item: Eames Lounge Chair Replica

There are still a couple of good replicas out there, but I want to focus on those who really deliver. More specifically one that I came across a few months ago on Houzz.

Manhattan Home Design’s Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman (starting at $1,300)

Where other companies might choose to modernize the Eames chair, to appeal to contemporary buyers, these guys have learned that the best way to make luxury affordable is to try to keep it as close as possible to the original.

That being said, the reviews are very good, so I decided to try one for myself and got my own. Shipping took some time, but when that box arrived I instantly knew that this wasn’t just another mid-century replica.

Suggested Item: Eames lounge Chair

I got the classic model, black leather and walnut. The leather has its quality indeed, as does the wood, but what impressed me the most were the measurements and the way it reclined. It seemed very natural and well built, and as someone who’s had the chance to sit on a real Eames many times, I must say the difference was not significant (even though I could feel it).

I believe this replica should get a design award, if there was such a thing as design awards for people who make copies of expensive furniture. From the quality of the shock mounts to that sinking feeling you get when you sit on the cushions (all three of them are interchangeable), you can feel that this was made with care and a concern for good craftsmanship.

Manhattan Home Design is mainly an online store, but they do have a showroom in the Garment District, NYC. If you’re near them pay them a visit and feel the Eames lounge chair for yourself. You won’t regret it! Besides, you can get it a little cheaper from them directly.