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Browse our extensive collection of the best mid-century and modern bar stools you can buy. Upgrade your bars, kitchen, and snack-counters decoration and treat your guests with the best furniture collection of reproductions to furnish or redecorate your home, restaurant or establishment at Manhattan Home Design. Visit our exclusive NYC Showroom and enjoy continuous sales, contests, and giveaways on our entire collection of the best decor and furniture available in New York.

Angle Bar Stool


Description:The Angle Bar Stool Chair is a swivel chair with a heavy chrome base. The stool is height adjustable.Features:ChromeAdjustable HeightSwivel Chair1 year Limited WarrantyProduct Specifications:Dimensions:30"H x 14"W x 14"DThick soft seat...

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Button Bar Stool


Description: Playing off the whimsical spatial elements of the Button Chair, this buttoned vinyl installment gives transparency a home. Bring light-filled moments inward with an inner sense of laughter and delight. With its padded black vinyl seating and...

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Cabin Bar Stool


Description: Submerge your land-bound activities into a cascading piece fit for your transitional seating needs. The Cabin modern bar stool combines a molded bentwood back and waterfall seat, with a fluid form that imbues both an airy and streamlined...

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CAD Bar Stool


Description: The minimal nature of this CAD Wire Side Chair is an asset for any lover of modern furniture. A simple yet stylish design evoking the height of modern classic design. As comfortable as it is attractive, this is the sort of accent chair that...

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Collect Wood Top Bar Stool


Description: Place yourself on the pedestal of experience. Collect is an envisioned industrial modern counter stool that secures bygone moments into a calming version of the present. Constructed of solid pine wood and a cast iron stand with footring,...

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Different Bar Stool Chair


Description:The Different Bar Stool Chair is a swivel chair and height adjustable,Features:1 year Limited WarrantyProduct Specifications:Dimensions:22-31"H x 22"W x 22"DProduct Weight:28lbs.Shipping Dimensions:25"H x 25"W x 25"DShipping Weight:25lbs.

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Diner Bar Stool


Description: The Diner Bar Stool is a great choice for folks who want supreme comfort in a Bar Stool. Thick cushion greet the user like an old friend, and upholstered back rest invites you to lean back and relax. The base and pole's shiny chrome finish,...

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Dive Bar Stool


Description: Plunge straight into the heart of lively conversations with a piece that inspires progress. Turn tepid waters into warm rolling waves, as the swift design and clean lines take you places both far and near. The broadened stainless steel base...

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Ernie Wood Bar Stool


Description: Minimalist in nature though it may be, this seat doesn't skimp on comfort. Its seemingly rigid design, flexes to the contours of the human body, making it a great side chair for dining and home office use. Set Includes: One - Ernie Chair...

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Flat Bar Stool Chair


Description:The Flat Bar Stool Chair is a swivel chair the base is heavy chrome with height adjustable,Features:ChromeChair SwivelsSeat Height 23-31"1 year Limited WarrantyProduct Specifications:Dimensions:26-34"H x 17.5"W x 14"DChair is Height...

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Gloria Bar Stool


Description: The Gloria Bar Stool is classy but simple, perfect for entertaining guests at your home bar or the kitchen counter. The Gloria Bar Stool features a low key design that brings true style. Set Includes: One - Gloria Bar Stool Specifications: ...

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Launch Stacking Bar Stool


Description: Listening is an artform with this bar stool that encourages positive social engagement. While surprisingly comfortable to sit upright in, Launch also reminds you to lean forward and smile. It is an edgy piece, that conveys both a sense of...

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Lem Bar Stool Chair


Description:The Lem Bar Stool Chair is a swivel chair the bottom base is polished steel and the frame is chrome. Chair is height adjustable.Features:Polished SteelHeight Adjustment from 23" - 27"1 year Limited WarrantyProduct...

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LEM Vinyl piston Bar Stool


Description: The LEM Style Bar Stool has sleek lines that would be equally impressive in a restaurant or at home. Perfect for entertaining guests at restaurants, your home bar, or for stylish seating around the kitchen counter. Set Includes: One - LEM...

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Marshmallow Bar Stool


Description:The Marshmallow Stool is a swivel chair with a polished steel frame base. The stool is height adjustable.Features:Polished SteelAdjustable Height1 year Limited WarrantyProduct Specifications:Dimensions:30"H x 15"W x 15"DThick soft seat...

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Persist Bar Stool


Description: Patterns of discovery begin anew with the continuous design of the Persist modern bar stool. While your rendezvous with friends may seem to end, the freshly pressed memories are everlasting. For a design that has no end or beginning, Persist...

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