How comfortable is the Womb Chair, actually?

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Aug 7th 2020

Eero Saarinen designed the Womb Chair in 1946 after a brief meeting with Florence Knoll at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. According to history, she told him that she wanted a chair that she could ju … read more

Design as Icon: The Womb Chair

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Nov 20th 2018

Created in 1946, the Womb chair was designed to try and retrieve a feeling of comfort that, according to its designer, could not be felt by anyone after they’d left their mother’s womb. It’s a prim … read more

Womb Chair and Ottoman: Design Story

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Oct 16th 2018

The Womb chair evokes a primal feeling of safety and coziness, one that brings back memories, helps us overcome anxiety, and brings us to a happier place. It was the result of many hours of work, a … read more