The Barcelona Chair: Much more than a Beautiful Chair

Posted by SJ on Mar 3rd 2021

What makes a chair popular or successful?. We would say that design is one essential factor. Beauty and functionality itself are part of the equation, too. But is there anything else to contribute it and make it rise to the stardom of furniture? Sure. Awards an Prizes have a good role, too. And the Barcelona Chair may presume of the most prestigious awards in the world of furniture, just like the MoMA Award. The MoMA Awards The MoMA Awards are presented by the Museum of Modern Art of
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​Mid-Century Desks That Combine Perfectly With Your Womb Chair

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on Mar 2nd 2021

The mid-century modern style never ceases to fascinate us daily with its clean lines and preference for functionality over appearance. This style took over not only the house's interior design but also office’s, the reason? Seems almost obvious since the needs of these kinds of spaces which are summarized in optimal decoration that allows the user to focus on the daily tasks and challenges.Decorating an office can become an easier task when you already have one of the main elements; the chair. I
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The Arco Lamp: a Piece Everyone Loves

Posted by Eloy on Mar 2nd 2021

Have you ever had an element in your layout that you felt everyone liked? This is something more common than many think, and it could happen with any type of element within your environment. However, masterpieces like the Arco lamp can win the affection, attention, and preference of any user much more easily.After all, this piece has become world-famous for being one of the icons of the Mid-Century Modern style thanks to its perfect combination of style and function. Beyond that, why do you thin
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​The Florence Knoll Collection Can Turn Your Office Into A Mad Men One

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on Mar 1st 2021

The Florence Knoll Collection Can Turn Your Office Into A Mad Men OneGet to know the power of the features that the Florence Knoll sofa and collection has! The American series Mad Men created by Matthew Weiner and produced by Lionsgate, is a TV series that has marked not only the drama genre by winning multiple awards from the academies in charge of the seventh art, but has also left a mark in the homes of its audience by participating in the increase of the mid-century style within the interior
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The Barcelona Chair and the Eco Friendly Trend

Posted by SJ on Mar 1st 2021

People is increasingly looking for a sustainable model of purchase. Buying furniture, just like the rest of purchases we eventually do in every field, are every time more closer to a standard of fair trade, eco friendly approach or socially responsible act. But how does it reflects in the world of furniture? With a interest in sustainability. People want to feel that is investment in furniture doesn't damage the environment, and its eco friendly. Recycled materials, sustainable woods, n
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Top 5 Reasons You Should Own a Flag Halyard Chair

Posted by Eloy on Mar 1st 2021

It's easy to relate the Flag Halyard Chair to the concept of “masterful modern furniture”. After all, the piece soon became one of the most amazing products of the Mid-Century Modern style and marked a turning point in the continuity of the hundreds of wooden chairs that made up the catalog of its creator, the Danish Hans Wegner.This chair is practically unlike any other popular accent chair. However, its importance has never died over decades and that's one of the main reasons why it's present
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Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: What's Hygge?

Posted by SJ on Mar 1st 2021

In the world of Interior Design, some words are widely spread and used as current coins, but they are not very much known, actually. One of this words is "Hygge". Hygge is a Danish word that doesn't have a direct literal translation in English. Nevertheless, in a general sense, when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special. This idea or concept has been translated to the world of Interior Desi
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​Interested In The Egg Chair? Check These Facts Before Acquiring It!

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on Feb 28th 2021

Are you interested in owning the iconic Egg chair? Surely your mind is asking thousands of questions like: does it look the same as in the movies? Is it comfortable? It is very expensive? We will answer all of these questions and more in this informative section of the blog. Here we will expose the most interesting facts and the most common questions that people ask themselves before purchasing the wonderful Egg chair.The Egg chair -in case you still don't know which chair it is- is the model cr
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​Enhance The Awkward Space Under The Stairs With A Womb Chair & More Accessories

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on Feb 26th 2021

Get to know how to decorate the space under stairs with a Womb chair and more.When you finish decorating your space, there are always certain incomplete spaces that are visually uncomfortable. These spaces have more potential than you can imagine. Depending on the space and the location it can be used as storage, an office or another functional area.One of the spaces that most often bother people is the one located under the stairs. Today we will help you implement a functional decoration so tha
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How To Keep Your Modern Sofa Like New

Posted by Eloy on Feb 26th 2021

The modern sofa that you have chosen will directly influence your environment's beauty and will play a very important role in your room's decorating style.You have to be aware that it's one of the main pieces of your layout and that's the main reason why it has a place of honor in your floor plan, and many professional interior designers think that it's the piece that governs all the décor.It's a vital component in any living room because it's usually the element that guests pay their attention
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​Essentials Elements That Your Living Room Should Have | From Modern Sofas To Lamps

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on Feb 25th 2021

Check great examples of the most important elements of a living room, from classic sofas like the LC3 sofa to the most gorgeous lamps.Owning and decorating a property such as a house or apartment for the first time is not an easy task. From decorating your living room in the most optimal way to finding the perfect accessories for your room can take you long days. However, it is not impossible! Here at Manhattan Home Design we not only want to provide you with iconic high-end replicas, but we als
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The Perdurable Influence of van der Rohe and the Barcelona Chair

Posted by SJ on Feb 25th 2021

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, creator of the Barcelona Chair, definitely left a remarkable impression in the world of Interior Design, and Architecture. We can say without a doubt that he changed our the way we see our cities and the way we see our houses. Let's take a look at some of its more recognized influences, by their own words:In a year so early as 1938, the great Frank Lloyd Wright was really generous in its words to praise Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in its new role as Director of th
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