Ways to Incorporate the Tulip Table in Your Home

Posted by Maureen on Sep 19th 2020

Source: DecoristEven though an architect by profession, Eero Saarinen’s dedication and love for furniture design is pretty apparent in all his designs for the latter. The sleek Tulip Table is, hands down, his most popular furniture piece ever. It’s no surprise it has spawned tons of replicas and reproductions! Intrigued?Let's take a look at the top 6 ideas to incorporate the Tulip Table in your homes. Keep reading… You’ll be amazed!1. Perfect for Tiny SpacesSource: RoomhintsWhether you
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A Modern Sofa Is a Perfect Solution For Your MCM Living Room

Posted by Eloy on Sep 18th 2020

Among all the furniture that make up our most used and outstanding areas of the house, the modern sofa usually has very significant importance within some homes, although this may vary from one to another, depending on the lifestyle of each user, how space is organized and the number of people living in each house, among others. Some people who live alone prefer to choose a midcentury sofa because it conveys a sense of modernity and good taste. However, the importance of the modern sofa becomes
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The Eames Lounge Chair: a Legacy of Modern Design to Humanity

Posted by Eloy on Sep 17th 2020

There are really few patented design chairs that have managed to position themselves in such a remarkable place of recognition that they are now even known as pieces that are part of the history of modern art. One of these chairs is the Eames Lounge Chair by far, and although probably many are unaware of the most important reasons for that, it should never be forgotten that it's still a very sold piece, which at the same time is present in several museums around the world, including the New York
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The Arco Lamp: an Outstanding Element Within Your Floor Plan

Posted by Eloy on Sep 16th 2020

Have you heard about space planning and its importance in the discipline of interior design? If you don't know this concept, you should bear in mind that it's one of the fundamental processes that characterize a good design. Regardless of whether you have an Arco lamp or any other item of great value, planning how you're going to use each square meter and how you are going to dispose of all your furniture, fixtures, and accessories is essential to achieve really successful results. Each area mus
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What's to Like of Eero Saarinen’s Sculptural Womb Chair

Posted by Maureen on Sep 16th 2020

Did you know the iconic Womb Chair by Eero Saarinen is a one-of-a-kind piece of modern sculpture for you to sit on? Yes, you heard correctly! You can sit on it. Sadly, it's not very often one gets to bring great art into your home, and less often that one actually gets to make it a part of your whole life.Yet, the Womb Chair is one such piece. Using the tenets of his wire-sculpture vision for furniture, and outfitting it with comfortable, lush wool that's easy to sink into, this masterpiece isn'
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The Flag Halyard Chair: an Amazing Piece For Your Tidy House

Posted by Eloy on Sep 15th 2020

An extraordinary decoration is useless when chaos and disorder are the main protagonists in your house, regardless of if you have added an outstanding piece such as the Flag Halyard Chair or any other recognized model. If you have young children playing and running around all day, keeping order in your spaces is likely to become a much more difficult task than usual. However, all is not lost. Some methods and strategies will help you preserve the organization of your spaces, but always keep in m
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Tips To Take Best Care Of Your Modern Sofa

Posted by Eloy on Sep 14th 2020

Have you thought about how much the beauty and decorating style of your living room can be influenced by the modern sofa you've chosen as the main piece of your layout? It goes like this: In general, the midcentury sofa is a piece of such an important magnitude that it's the one who rules the decorating style. It is in charge of generating the first great impression on the guests, and that makes it a vital component of living rooms. The importance of this piece makes maintaining it properly an e
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The Arco Lamp: a Masterpiece That You Can Add To Your Home Office

Posted by Eloy on Sep 11th 2020

The rapid and abrupt changes that the world has experienced in recent months have forced us to find new ways to adapt ourselves to both daily routines and new ways of coping with working life. This has made working from home become the new slogan of modern life and a form of professional exercise that is becoming increasingly popular and gaining more relevance and weight throughout the world. Take into account that getting a remarkable piece like the Arco lamp is always one of the most exciting
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The Flag Halyard Chair Is a Very Convenient Design For Your Outdoor Living Room

Posted by Eloy on Sep 10th 2020

Do you live in a house that allows you the possibility of having an outdoor living room? These areas are typically simpler versions of what can be found inside a home, and it's the main reason many are drawn to the possibilities such a space can provide. Almost always, an outdoor living room will be a covered and delimited space but located in an environment clearly outside the house. An outdoor living room can be surprisingly relaxing and uncluttered, something many dream of. At the same time,
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Spaces Where the Versatile Nelson Bench Can Be Placed

Posted by Maureen on Sep 9th 2020

Designed in 1946 by influential American designer George Nelson, the Nelson Bench is an icon of mid century modernism. And, having such characteristic simplicity in its design,the Nelson Bench has quickly become a sort of placeholder for many other things.Source: HomeISDBoasting a slatted wood frame with legs painted in black, this masterpiece is not only stylish, but also versatile. As a result, you can easily feature it in a number of spaces in your home, whether you live in a house, apartment
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The Arco Lamp Is The Perfect Piece For Your Layout With Marble Components

Posted by Eloy on Sep 9th 2020

Marble represents an obsession for certain people. One of the reasons for this devotion is the wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures that make up the aesthetics of this resource, which is drawn directly from nature. Marble is especially valued by decorators and interior designers. Also, it's an element of luxury within some architectural designs with spectacular finishes. These are probably some of the reasons why the Castiglioni brothers decided to add a Carrara marble base to their fa
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The Flag Halyard Chair Is The Perfect Piece To Enjoy Your Small Balcony

Posted by Eloy on Sep 8th 2020

It's always good to listen to recommendations and opinions about the options with which we can make the most of the balcony of our houses, especially if the decorating style is, above all, Mid-Century Modern. In this regard, the Flag Halyard Chair is a piece that can be very convenient in a wide variety of cases. The fact that it's almost always a relatively simple area compared to other spaces within the house, the balcony doesn't have to be wasted, especially when the climatic properties of th
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