​The Egg Chair & These 2021 WFH Tips Will Help You Create An Optimal Space

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on May 8th 2021

If the quarantine has affected you in your usual way of working, you probably know the acronym WFH. If not, don't worry! The WFH is an abbreviated form to refer to "working from home". These acronyms are widely used in thousands of blogs, publications, books, etc. Since for many working from home has become their new daily life. For this reason, today we have dedicated the blog to share with you some tips and furniture like the Egg chair to configure your own WFH office.The creation of your own
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​The LC3 Sofa & These Tips Will Make Your Apartment Decoration Much Easier

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on May 7th 2021

Get to know how the LC3 sofa can help you to create a well distributed space and more tricks for it!If you've gotten a little stressed due to your apartment / condo decoration process, don't worry! We have all been through it. Small spaces tend to give a bit of a headache when it comes to optimally distributing it. However, there are many tricks and ways you can take advantage of every inch of your home. Today we have compiled the most used tricks when decorating a small interior, from choosing
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​Cost Effective Ways To Enhance Your Living Room | Modern Sofa & More

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on May 5th 2021

The living room is considered for many people the sanctuary of the house, this place is where we spend most of the time since it is usually close to the other relevant spaces of the house such as the kitchen. The living room is also where we tend to focus the most on interior renovation or decoration due to all the uses and elements that it requires, however, it is not necessary to break the bank to create a beautiful, quiet and optimal space. The trick to creating a design with these characteri
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​Easy Ways To Divide Your Room With A Modern Sofa & More Elements

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on May 4th 2021

Obtaining the precise interior design in your home is not a two-day task, it takes time and dedication because it is a progressive and changing process. As time passes, tastes and needs change. For example, since last year new needs have arisen for many due to the online way of working. Nowadays, many people require the implementation of a home office but not everyone has a space available or a very large budget to configure that space.Whether you have a large or small home, today we are going t
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​3 Essential Furniture Pieces That Your Nursery Room Should Have

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on May 3rd 2021

Get to know how the Togo sofa and more furniture pieces can help you to create an optimal nursery room.Bringing the world to a new life is a blessing for any woman, this moment is one of the most relevant in the life of any adult and represents many drastic changes in all aspects, not just personal. This means that it not only symbolizes a transition in adult life but also requires planning to configure the surroundings in order to create a suitable space for the stay of the new baby.A children'
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Mad Men Series Can Help You To Create Your Mid-Century Design | Get To Know The Florence Knoll Sofa

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on May 3rd 2021

Find out about the great features of the Florence Knoll sofa! If you are one of those who watches TV series - which is highly probable due to the changes of this quarantine - you have probably heard of the Mad Med series. Both fans, the ones of series and those of interior designs have been fascinated with the mid-century aesthetic that this series displayed. This iconic series was created by Matthew Weiner and produced by Lionsgate, it has conquered the hearts of the public worldwide
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Is The Tulip Table a Good Way to Add Accent Colors?

Posted by Eloy on Apr 30th 2021

If you've ever heard about accent colors in a decorative design, you probably had an immediate sense of what it was about, but maybe you didn't know exactly what was it. In this article, we'll give you a brief review about what accent colors are and why a piece like the Tulip table by Eero Saarinen can represent the perfect solution for those times when you don't know exactly how you could add new accent colors to your layout.First of all, you should keep in mind that the color palette represent
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​2021 Interior Design Trends That You Can Easily Add In Your Home

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on Apr 30th 2021

The trends of this 2021 have been the product of the chaos that we live in 2020. The pandemic not only caused changes in the health and economic sectors but also in interior design, but why? The answer remains in isolation! By having to spend more time than usual in our homes and use it for different functions than before such as office and entertainment, needs and tastes were transformed a bit, causing the reinvention of spaces and the implementation of functionality as a core.Due to this reinv
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The Eames Lounge Chair: The Star Element of Your Library

Posted by Eloy on Apr 29th 2021

If there's something that lovers of reading have in common, it's not only their love for books but also the need and sometimes tireless search for the perfect environment to be able to enjoy their favorite books placidly.Don't forget that reading is a special activity that requires concentration, peace, and relaxation. Sometimes, the best way to achieve it is simply with a comfortable seat and, in that regard, the Eames Lounge Chair means a phenomenal and amazing hit.When conjuring up the Eames
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​Best Modern Sofas To Have A Game Night | The Togo Sofa & More Options

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on Apr 29th 2021

With this new modality caused by the quarantine, where we must spend most of the time isolated in our homes, the configurations of the entertainment areas have become essential in our day.Furnishing an entertainment area can be seen as an important step to help us even with our mental health since by spending so much time indoors we must have a way to release stress or simply distract ourselves. For this reason we have decided to dedicate today's blog to a list of comfortable modern sofas suitab
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The “Ergonomic Secrets” of The Eames Lounge Chair

Posted by Eloy on Apr 28th 2021

Ergonomics is one of the best-valued aspects of the design of any piece of furniture. This has been a constant for years, and especially after the arrival of modernity in the world of décor and interior design since this is a trend that places great importance on the practical, functional, and simple.It has been a valuable aspect in many of the most iconic and representative pieces of this trend, and one of the most far-reaching and famous examples is the Eames Lounge Chair, presented by Ray and
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The Napa Sofa + Plants: an Amazing Combination

Posted by Eloy on Apr 27th 2021

Are you looking for an original, authentic, and pleasant idea to give more personality and freshness to the décor of your interior spaces? A houseplant is probably the best answer to this need. Have you considered it?Just think about how good very healthy, well-selected plants look, compatible with the climate of your city or your region, your modern Napa sofa, the rest of the furniture, and suitable to survive indoors without requiring too complex care.Plants are capable of giving a natural tou
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