​A Timeless Aniline Leather Piece: Presenting The Togo Sofa

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on Oct 27th 2020

The world moves so fast that sometimes it's hard to keep up. Fashion, makeup, and interior design are constantly on the move, but there are times when professional geniuses in certain areas such as Michel Ducaroy create pieces with special details that make them timeless.“Timeless is anything with a strong appeal of its own, a strong voice that breaks through the years passing or even centuries.” Richard Sorger, fashion designer and senior lecturer at Middlesex University.Timeless is a term ubiq
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​Interior Decorating Ideas with the Modern Egg Chair

Posted by Maureen on Oct 27th 2020

Designed back in the fifties, the Egg Chair was a showstopper that truly defined its era. It cemented its brilliant creator’s reputation as one of the great designers of all time. Six decades later, Arne Jacobsen’s iconic Egg Chair is still as popular as ever.Recently released in a natural leather hue with gold base, it’s beautifully suited to a contemporary aesthetic.A Danish Masterpiece of its TimeThe Egg chair was designed in 1958 by Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen and produced by
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Tulip Table - Prime Example of Organic Modernism

Posted by Maureen on Oct 27th 2020

Source: RoomhintsEero Saarinen is a Finnish born designer and architect who grew up surrounded by design. His accomplishments include experimenting with new materials and creating groundbreaking designs, including the Tulip Table. He’s a trailblazer in the American design movement. He was also a pioneer designer and architect of the organic modernist movement. Some of his renowned works are the TWA Flight Terminal at the Kennedy International Airport. That building is still considered one of the
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A Modern Sofa Could Be The Cornerstone of Your Christmas Decor

Posted by Eloy on Oct 27th 2020

The Christmas season is the center of attention for lovers of decorating trends, and it's the perfect time of year that many take advantage of to renew their style. Some popular trends related to the theme of the season linger for a while and then fade, but others prevail and become traditions. If you want to do something really radical, choosing a modern sofa can be a great way to start giving a new face, a new style, and a new configuration to those spaces that normally have very intensive use
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Consider These Tips When Buying A Sofa | Meet The Togo Sofa!

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on Oct 22nd 2020

Check this list before purchasing the sofa of your dreams and meet the classic Florence Knoll sofa.As an interior design fanatic and lover of mid-century modernity, I always read reviews and blogs on topics related to this topic - for the record, I'm just a newbie to the topic - so when my friends start planning the decorating your home come to ask me which sofa is in fashion or which one I think suits your style. For this reason, I thought that it is important that people know what factors to c
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The Eames Lounge Chair Is The Vital Component Of Today's Modern Spaces

Posted by Eloy on Oct 22nd 2020

It's necessary to learn to recognize all the valuable aspects of interior design. The best way to know if your design is practical is when purpose and efficiency have a fundamental and priority relevance in the final result that space will offer to users. Often, the inclusion of an iconic piece like the Eames Lounge Chair conveys much of the aesthetic sense and elegance that the designer wants to apply, but it's directly related to functionality. It's wonderful to be able to design an area with
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2 Things You Probably Don’t Know You Need At Office | Get To Know The LC2 Chair

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on Oct 21st 2020

Meet the comfy LC2 chair, the light therapy, and plants that will help you to create a harmonious place.A bit of storytime...I have worked at home for years, but in this quarantine, I realized how important it is to establish a quiet corner next to your essential work items (such as laptop, desk, and chair). Having a place close within your workspace helps you to perform better, solve your tasks more easily, lowers anxiety levels, and keeps you productive throughout the day since by giving short
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The Napa Sofa: a Star In Your Home Staging Layout

Posted by Eloy on Oct 21st 2020

Ever heard the term home staging? If you're a fan of interior design and decor, it's very rare if you don't know what it is. However, even in the 1990s, it was a concept that many people were still unaware of. In its simplest words, home staging is the task of making a house intended to be placed for sale look its best in all its aspects so that potential buyers find it attractive and thus more likely to be sold. The Napa sofa is just one of the modern elements with which you can start a success
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Hans Wegner’s Iconic Lounge Chairs - From Shell Chair to Flag Halyard Chair

Posted by Maureen on Oct 20th 2020

According to Forbes, Hans Wegner's name is a staple in Scandinavian design around the world,and his chair designs seeming simple, ushered an appreciation for Danish modern design in America and all over the world.Though many craftsmen may build you a chair,design master Wegner earns the distinction of creating a range of iconic chair designs, including the one and only, the three-legged Shell Chair back in 1963. One of his chairs even appeared on the cover of a renowned American Magazine, instan
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​Easy Ways To Turn Your Room Into A Luxurious Place | Colors, Modern Sofas & More

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on Oct 20th 2020

After owning a house normally we want to improve it as much as possible, these improvements most of the time include adding a luxurious design to the house, I am right? We've all thought about walking around in a silk robe with a glass of wine and relaxing on the more expensive furniture. Unfortunately, this can’t be achieved for all.But wait! Although luxury homes include expensive furniture and accessories, there are plenty of ways how you can create your dream place without breaking the bank.
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Enchanting Mid Century Modern Living Rooms Boasting the Iconic Egg Chair

Posted by Maureen on Oct 19th 2020

Source: PinterestDesign enthusiasts incredibly praise the mid century modern aesthetics. Yet, what is it, exactly? Coined by author Cara Greenberg in her 1984 collection, mid century modern refers to pieces from the decade of the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s which pushed the limits of engineering. In fact,famed designers like Danish master creator of the enveloping Egg Chair,were pretty desperate for creativity prior to World War II. They took war materials and molded them into iconic chairs, tables a
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​Benefits Of Acquiring A Mario Bellini Camaleonda This Quarantine

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on Oct 19th 2020

Get to know all features of the Mario Bellini Camaleonda including its cover and how to obtain it.COVID-19 has changed people’s lives worldwide, it is incredible how globalized is the world that a virus that started in Wuhan, China, reached many corners of the world in a matter of days. This rapidity of contagion made citizens start spending much more time than usual at home.Since we have a lot of free time due to isolation when we spend time at home with a somewhat relaxing vibe, most of the ti
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