Make The Protractor Desk The Star Element Of Your Home Office

Posted by Eloy on Nov 24th 2021

Designing a home office can be an interesting challenge for several reasons and in many ways. The benefits of living in the era of advanced intercoms have allowed us to blend our private daily life with our professional life in a more closely knit way than ever before. But, even if the house has become the new operating room to put our talents to work and take care of our responsibilities, it doesn't mean that the details should be left to chance and you should arrange everything according to informality.

The idea is rather to ensure that, although working from home can feel like a wealth of indescribable advantages - like working in your pajamas, for example, you can continue to live the experience most properly, with all the benefits that a workspace can give you. As is often the case with any variant of interior decor, the secret to success is in the details. To have the right resources in the right measure is to start on the right foot and, when we speak of “resources”, we refer to wonders such as the Protractor desk, designed in 1949 by Carlo Mollino, a one-of-a-kind piece that can represent the most relevant difference between a highly professional home office and a standard one.

A Piece That Looks Out of a Dream

When one has a first impression about a furniture design, it's easier to understand what the designer wanted to express through his piece. I mean, do you really need a lot of sophistication to have a place to support your computer? The truth is that any decent table could serve you, but you'll notice the differences between an ordinary table and a professional wooden modern desk from the first moment. The Protractor desk, in that regard, is made to inspire, to demonstrate all that wood can do, and introduce a new concept that leaves behind the conventional aspects of an average piece in that category.

Thus, just take a look at the architectural structure so original of this immortal work to realize that the aesthetic and functional contribution that it can give you goes far beyond the typical, breaking paradigms and taking its rightful place as an icon of the Mid-Century Modern. Its remarkable combination of real American walnut wood veneer, a top surface 15 mm tempered glass, and stainless steel hardware is not something that arose from randomness, but rather from an innovative mind that wanted to generate fascination in modernism lovers and point out the guidelines for innovation to other emerging designers.

Designing a home office with the right furniture is not only about aesthetic and functional aspects. It's also something that can make you feel more inspired, improve your performance, give you comfort, ergonomics, safety, and create the right environment for good energies to flow and not block. Your home office deserves a unique upgrade with a first-class floor plan, made up of pieces like this: designed to become your focal point, cornerstone, and key piece within your work environment.

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