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Woodrow Box 87" leather Sofa

Woodrow Box 87" leather Sofa

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The Woodrow Box sofa is a genuine expression of the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic, since its geometric, minimalist, and simple characteristics, with the use of organic and elegant materials, make it compatible with practically any current decorating trend of great popularity. It's a sofa of high proportions, designed to produce a cozy feeling, so its seat is quite large, and its cushions are comfortable, decorated with an elegant style. Modern spaces will receive it very conveniently, as it's an ideal combination of aesthetics and function; characteristics that many models seek to offer without achieving it with equal success.

  • Dimensions: Width: 86.6", depth: 31.9", height: 27.9"
  • The production of the sofa is carried out employing a completely manual process, including the seams and the assembly of the components.
  • The seat and back are fixed with spring support.
  • Includes trim and buttons upholstered in genuine leather.
  • The back, sides, and undercarriage are made from a hickory veneer.
  • The stiletto legs are made of walnut brass and include floor protectors to prevent scratches and marks.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

  • Midcentury Modern Beauty

    Posted by Jason Stephens

    This Woodrow Box Sofa is very attractive and firm. The button and line stitching are nice looking and also sturdy so far. Had its first beer spill last week and it recovered well. Solid purchase, would recommend it.

  • Excellent for long legs/taller people.

    Posted by Elmer Vigil

    I’m really tall and I have long legs. Almost every sofa I sit on my knees are up when my feet are on the floor. I can never sit back enough to support my legs. With this Woodrow Box Sofa, when I sit all the way back, the cushion ends at the back of my knees. My knees are not popped up into the air. I can even lay down on it! And it’s absolutely fantastic looking. I could not be happier with my purchase.

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