A comforting accent piece that inspires calm

Jun 6th 2019

A comforting accent piece that inspires calm

The Womb Chair and Ottoman is an ideal lounge chair to have at a cozy corner or reading nook, bringing an organic beauty and impacting on how welcoming your home feels. Read more to discover how this gorgeous lounge chair will captivate your guests.

Who wouldn’t infuse their homes with a comforting sense of security and style, right? But while you might be counting on your trusted interior designer to accomplish that... what would you say if we were to tell you one crucial furniture piece may accomplish this, saving you thousands of dollars in the way?

We’re talking, of course, of Eero Saarinen’s masterpiece: The Womb Chair. A chair designed to be "like a basket full of pillows”, the Womb Chair reputation comes from the humble but design with indented armrests and movable cushions that enables the user to lounge, sit upright or slouch, and change seating positions at pleasure. The Womb Chair’s name comes from the comforting sense of security that provides and is derived from the unique organic shape of the shell.

Most interior designers incline more and more towards using famous furniture that complements their work but just by having a comfortable yet classy chair like the Womb Chair could enhance your home in a way like never imagined before!

Not sure yet? Here are some tips that will help you make the best of the womb chair, the perfect lounge chair for your home.

The Upholstery Quality

Naturally, the outstanding boucle wool upholstery plays a crucial role in the makeover of the Womb Chair. Both the seat, back, and the armrests feature the same U-injected foam wrapped in synthetic Dacron silk and boucle wool.

To ensure an enduring experience on your Womb Chair reproduction, nothing but these top-notch quality materials can make it. Most cheap womb chair knocks off might help you save some bucks, but it would be worthless in the future. Make sure you buying a chair with upholstery that is aesthetically stunning as durable and breathable.

Stainless Steel Legs Strength

The Womb Chair’s real strength depends on its stainless steel legs. Take careful attention to how its legs arch from the chair’s back to the floor. The iconic Womb Chairs legs resonate this fusion of modern design and comfort.

Always seek for sturdy legs like the Womb Chair’s that can easily comfortably support and withstand immense body weight without wobbling. Otherwise, your lounge chair might look but without serving its purpose might be nothing but another useless thing to only look at in your home. We’d rather offer you a high-quality piece that serves both purposes.

The Womb Chair’s Cushions

When you think of buying a Womb Chair, make sure it has got high-quality cushions. Hopefully, you’re going to spend a significant amount of time sitting on this chair in any room of your home. Nothing but high-quality cushions made of high-density foam can comfortably take any shape and easily adapt to the body.

Spend some time making sure the cushions not only make the chair aesthetically elegant but that they provide the comfort and security that you’ll need for a long time.

Place your Womb Chair Right

Finally, it all comes down to where you place your Womb Chair in your home.

Choosing the right place to put your Womb Chair can drastically change how inviting your home feels. Make sure you don’t clutter the room and place your Womb Chair where it’s needed.

Our favorite spot for a Womb Chair? A reading corner, of course! Find a cozy corner near a window or a fireplace, and you’ll have the perfect place to sit and relax for hours while timeflies.

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