The Shell Chair is The Perfect Example of a Light Chair

Posted by Eloy on Mar 20th 2020

There are several reasons why the Shell Chair took some time to achieve public awareness and wide preference. On the one hand, when Hans Wegner first introduced it in 1963, although it seemed to many critics and professional designers to be a cutting-edge work, consumers generally found it difficult to accept his innovative proposal and didn't give it deserved attention, and on the other hand, the production techniques of that time weren't so developed and sophisticated, so the production of this piece was reduced to a very limited quantity and made it difficult to distribute it in mass to reach a wider public.

Light as a Feather, Strong as a Rock

However, after being rescued in 1998 by Carl Hansen and Søn, its time to shine on a grand scale came. The new generations gave their admiration to the Shell Chair replica and consecrated it not only as a revolutionary design but as an icon of its style. However, one of the most notable features for which this chair earned a place of honor was because it's a truly lightweight, versatile, and easy-to-fit piece. The taste for postmodern designs may have led people to a remarkable preference for practicality, ease, utility, and the elegance of simplicity.

Although the Hans Wegner Shell Chair replica is made of American walnut wood, which is a very resistant type of wood, adapts to extreme temperatures, and is capable of maintaining its shape for a long time, it's also a very light piece. Its floating lightness is achieved thanks to the wing shape of its seat and its curved back supported only by three arched legs. Also, its laminated legs have several layers of sheet metal and its two front legs are made of the same piece of wood. If you like the Shell Chair, visit our Showroom in New York City for more mid-century modern style designs.

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