​2021 Interior Design Trends That You Can Easily Add In Your Home

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on Apr 30th 2021

The trends of this 2021 have been the product of the chaos that we live in 2020. The pandemic not only caused changes in the health and economic sectors but also in interior design, but why? The answer remains in isolation! By having to spend more time than usual in our homes and use it for different functions than before such as office and entertainment, needs and tastes were transformed a bit, causing the reinvention of spaces and the implementation of functionality as a core.

Due to this reinvention, it seemed important to us to stay informed and share what interior design experts have defined as the trends of this 2021, whether from creating home offices, implementing lounge chairs for your productive corner or even the most color palette. attractive today. You will get all this and more by sliding down!

Wallpaper is here again!

Although most designs have gotten rid of decorative wallpapers, this 2021 wallpaper is a recurring option to decorate walls. This is a very easy way to add character to your room and even give it a completely different twist. It also serves to accentuate the colors around the room.

Home offices have become a must

Home offices are perhaps one of the hottest trends it has had due to the times of pandemic. These are usually very functional since they allow you to concentrate on work tasks in a more efficient way. Now, how can you implement it? It is actually easier than you think, whether you have a special room for it or not, an office only needs two main elements: a chair and a desk. These two elements can be implemented in your guest room, in a corner of the living room or in a single room if you have one.

We mention the Womb chair as an example, since it can be used alone or with a desk. In case you work as a writer or something similar, this chair is very appropriate since it even comes with an ottoman to rest your feet. So you won't need a very large space or a desk to put together your home office setup.

The ultimate gray and yellow are the most wanted duo

The pantone color this year is the dynamic duo: gray and yellow. The Pantone color of the year basically expresses a general vision or feeling of society, it seeks to reflect the current situation and is a way of symbolizing the year in which it is living. This year was specifically chosen: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating.

Industrial influences are very trendy

The industrial style is basically composed of high ceilings, wood and metal accents, very neutral colors and visible masonry. So it's time to show off your steel details and complement them with beautiful wooden cabinets. A good option is to reflect this style in your home office. The Womb chair has beautiful steel details quite visible and fittable in industrial design.