​3 Essential Furniture Pieces That Your Nursery Room Should Have

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on May 3rd 2021

Get to know how the Togo sofa and more furniture pieces can help you to create an optimal nursery room.

Bringing the world to a new life is a blessing for any woman, this moment is one of the most relevant in the life of any adult and represents many drastic changes in all aspects, not just personal. This means that it not only symbolizes a transition in adult life but also requires planning to configure the surroundings in order to create a suitable space for the stay of the new baby.

A children's room should be a space where quiet vibrations predominate so that the baby feels welcome and safe, to achieve this objective it is necessary to consider multiple factors that we want to make sure you accomplish. This is why we have created a brief list that includes 3 essential elements that every nursery room should have. Scroll down and start to mark the ones you think are more important.

Baby’s mattress and bed

The importance of the baby's crib in the room is equal to that of the sofa in a living room. This will be the element that the ebe will use the most and will also serve as the focal point in the room. Within this type of furniture there are several types, one of the best known are classic cribs and bassinets. Whichever one you are going to choose, always remember to first take into account the dimensions of your space and the materials from which it is made. These should be non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and preferably resistant to temperature changes.

Plus! If you live in the USA, you should avoid cribs with a drop rail as the US Consumer Product Safety Commission banned them due to their high risk of accidents.

Source: Decoist

Sofa or rocket chair

This is the second important element in every baby room since this is where the parents - mostly the mother - will sit down to feed and take care of the baby. This chair must contain a comfortable padding that provides the softness and resistance necessary for the person to sit for hours without any problem. Although it may be a rocket chair, we have brought a slightly more contemporary option; a sofa.

The Togo sofa which comes in two presentations; the one with one seat and two. This sofa can be found in leather or fabric and the reason we want to introduce it is due to its absurdly comfortable and thick cushions. These cushions are filled with polyurethane, a material widely used in the furniture industry so that the fillings are more resistant.

The togo sofa with its shape will make you feel comfortable while you take care of your baby and it will also serve as a modern and beautiful accent in your baby's room.


You probably think this isn't necessary at first, but believe me, it is! The baby as he grows will require more storage space for his clothes, that is why you should have prepared his own dresser where you can store towels, underwear, bibs, etc.