5 Key Steps To Build The Perfect Stage For Your Flag Halyard Chair

Posted by Eloy on Sep 29th 2021

Iconic and revolutionary designs deserve a place of honor, an environment that represents them and lives up to their value. The Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair is no exception; after all, it's one of the most relevant, loved, and requested works of the Mid-Century Modern style, first released in 1950, which has been dominating modern homes ever since.

If you have this majestic piece in your house or apartment, the least you can do is design the perfect environment to make it look perfect. In this article, we share with you five key tips to save you a lot of common mistakes that people often make when decorating their environments. Thus, you can enjoy not only your Flag Halyard Chair but also the rest of your furniture in the way you deserve.

  1. Get the perfect balance between aesthetics and function. Naturally, you want your living room or open concept area to look spectacular, but remember that appearance is not everything, especially when it comes to design. The best thing is to find the perfect balance between the beauty of the place and how it can functionally satisfy your daily lifestyle. Never stop asking yourself this question: How good is a space that looks spectacular but is not comfortable or ergonomic and, therefore, not completely useful to me? Take it into account with every decision you make.
  2. Draw a floor plan. This will allow you to visualize in a more friendly and efficient way how the elements will be arranged within the area, the particular spot that your Flag Halyard Chair will occupy, and the rest of the furniture pieces, fixtures, and decorative elements that will accompany it. The most important thing about a floor plan is that it can let you know the maximum dimensions of each piece of furniture. This way, you'll avoid making the mistake of buying pieces that are too big or too small for your space and then not knowing how to organize them.
  3. Prepare your color palette. Never forget that anything that you integrate into your environment, without exception, will become part of the place's color palette, either as predominant tones or accent tones. A poorly achieved color palette will look without coherence or attractiveness, so you must ensure that all the resources that are part of your layout, including your accent chairs, preserve the correct chromatic harmony.
  4. Never neglect the ergonomic aspects. The best way to enjoy a high-end accent chair is in an environment properly prepared for human use. That's something you should never put aside. The fact that you feel good in a place doesn't mean that it's a completely healthy environment for you and other people. Aspects such as good ventilation, adequate materials, balanced lighting, friendly temperature, and, in general, the absence of harmful agents are usually the evident indicators that you're in an ergonomic environment.
  5. Prepare your lighting design. Lighting is so important and can be so decisive that it's capable of ruining what you've achieved in a place or, on the contrary, enhancing its most valuable characteristics and making each aspect of your decor look from its best profile. The layers of a lighting design are basically three, and they're classified according to their function: ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task-based lighting. Make sure your lighting design shows your furniture in all its glory.

Following these keys during your decorating process will allow you to avoid the mistakes that we could call "main". There are many others, more specific, that are also often made. To avoid them, organize your decor project very well before making any investment or any important decision. Therefore, you'll have a better chance of success, and you'll get the decor you want so that you can integrate your Flag Halyard Chair into an equally admirable setting.