A Modern Sofa Could Be The Focal Point Of Your Layout

Posted by Eloy on Sep 30th 2020

When you decide to drastically transform all the spaces within your house, you must take into account many details and ideas that may come up at the moment to achieve the transformation of your dreams. However, you've surely wondered: where to start? A tip that professional designers always give and one of the cornerstones on which they always base their designs is to get a modern sofa that could work as a focal point and serves to give coherence, sense, and balance to the layout.

Have you heard of the "focal point"? Is it a familiar term for you? If that’s not the case, we can tell you that the focal point is that fragment of your decor in which the attention will always be more focused, since it's the most striking point, which for some reason (almost always aesthetic), attracts people's glances. In this sense, a focal point can be, for example, an art piece, a central table, a midcentury sofa, and even an ornament placed in a strategic spot in the area, which, being highly visible and striking, becomes the center of attention.

A Modern Sofa Will Surely Attract All Eyes

There are no recipes to determine exactly what the focal point of your decor should be or where it'll be located. However, it's a matter of personal choice and even common sense, since it's sometimes evident what the focal point of one decor is, but it's not always the case. When you start to visualize your design or draw a sketch of it, you can think about what the focal point of your living room will be. For example, if you have thought that your favorite style is Mid-Century Modern and you plan to include a modern sectional in your living room, this furniture piece may become the focal point of your decor, since it’ll surely attract all eyes. More than that: all your visitors and the people who live with you in your house will want to use that modern sofa at every opportunity, focusing the attention on it probably all the time.

Sometimes, the focal point of one decorating design is so obvious that it doesn't take much to figure it out. Other times, you have to resort to strategy to choose the perfect focal point and make it look exactly how you want it. The recommendations that a professional designer can give you regarding this will never be over, but you shouldn’t necessarily hire one of them to determine which focal point is best for you.

Colors almost always have a special role in everything regarding the focal point, whether you prefer leather sofas or fabric sofas. Very striking colors tend to attract more attention. Consider this example: suppose you always tend to choose neutral colors or very cold tones for your walls, such as dark blue, black, gray, dark green, purple, etc. If you choose to decorate a highly visible wall with an eye-catching piece of art that includes many very vibrant and eye-catching warm colors such as yellow, red, or orange, rest assured this painting is going to become your focal point, no doubt due to the so evident contrast that it will generate with the color scheme of the rest of the place. Many people apply these types of strategies on purpose, while others succeed without intending to, simply because they liked the painting.

You don't need to be an expert in interior design and decor to determine what will be the focal point of your layout and how you'll get the best out of it. However, now that you've learned this important tip, you'll surely have it very present when you go to get the best sofas, the rest of the furniture, and carry out the following transformation of your spaces.