Add a Modern Twist with a Mara Coffe Table & More Marble Pieces

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on Sep 27th 2021

Get to know the Mara coffee table and other options of coffee tables to give a modern twist to your spaces.

Modern style has taken over the interiors of many Americans today. But why? Well, basically its success or prolongation is attributed to the incredible versatility of its layouts and the functionality which they include in the interiors.

It is quite admirable that a style that was created in the early and mid 20th century, can still align with the preferences and evolve along with the needs/tastes of this new era.

With its captivating structures, organic lines, neutral colors, and use of durable materials, this style is without a doubt at the top of many interior designers' lists.

Now, what if you want to implement a modern style at home but don't have a budget to do it from scratch? It is here when what we call "modern twists" are the little saviors that will help you to set your surroundings into this particular aesthetic.

You don’t necessarily have to do an expensive remodeling, by adding simple but strategical elements such as modern coffee tables will be enough to start. Check this quick list to start.

Mara Coffee Table - The Small & Affordable Option

The Mara Coffee Table is one of those pieces that don’t need much to highlight in a place. It’s that kind of piece wherewith its simplicity enhances a whole room.

The Mara coffee table has four solid wood legs topped off by an elegant marble slab for a clean, compact look. This last feature makes it perfect for small spaces like apartments or tiny rooms.

The mix between the marble, the solid oak legs with a walnut stain, and the round shape will match with almost any style of seating.

Plus! It’s a unique piece since every piece of marble has its own stains and might vary from one piece to another.

Vena Coffee Table - The Square Mara Table Version

We decided to call it "the square version of the Mara table" as it looks quite similar to our previous modern coffee table, but the difference remains in shape. The Vena is made with 14mm square solid white marble and four solid oak legs.

Perfect for those who prefer straight lines and balance proportions with square shapes.

Tulip Table - The All White Modern Coffee Table

The Tulip table is perhaps one of the most popular and iconic modern coffee tables. In fact, it’s very possible that you have seen this table in a movie or any interior design TV show.

The Tulip table replica we offer at Manhattan Home Design is very loyal to the original one. It is made up of a heavy cast aluminum cast base, which is connected by means of a threaded rod to a rests on a base of cast aluminum molded artificial marble top coated with transparent polyester and lacquered with a scratch and chip-resistant finish.

There you have it, three different but iconic modern coffee table options that you choose from to give your living room/bedroom a modern twist.

Comment below, which coffee table you would like to add to your layout.