​Best Modern Sofas To Have A Game Night | The Togo Sofa & More Options

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on Apr 29th 2021

With this new modality caused by the quarantine, where we must spend most of the time isolated in our homes, the configurations of the entertainment areas have become essential in our day.

Furnishing an entertainment area can be seen as an important step to help us even with our mental health since by spending so much time indoors we must have a way to release stress or simply distract ourselves. For this reason we have decided to dedicate today's blog to a list of comfortable modern sofas suitable for game rooms. Sofas usually play the main role as far as furniture is concerned, since this is the one that welcomes the user and provides comfort in their hours of play. This piece should be composed of resistant upholstery, dense padding and preferably ergonomic structure, which fits and offers optimal lumbar support for any type of user. So with nothing more to limit, let's start this list!

The Togo sofa

The first option on this short list that we have made for you is the Togo sofa replica by Michel Ducaroy.

The Togo sofa, or as some like to call it, the “timeless” sofa, is a design made by the one and only Michel Ducaroy. When this sofa was launched, Ducaroy positioned it as a revolutionary piece in comfort and style due to its original characteristics such as dimensions and comfortable shape. If you like eye-catching and unique pieces, this sofa will be the talking point of all your play meetings. The Togo sofa will make your gaming experience a unique sensation due to its incredible materials; such as aniline leather, high ergonomic characteristics, multiple padded covers and multi-density to provide the perfect support for many activities in the living room.

While gamers have different tastes and needs, this sofa can be attached to an overview for a fun afternoon. However, if you want something smaller, you can go for a two-seater sofa.

A loveseat is basically a type of sofa that has to offer only two seats. This is perfect for when you have a room with very narrow dimensions or the entertainment space that you are implementing in a corner.

A very suitable option for this is the LC2 sofa or the Le Corbusier sofa. This sofa is a very faithful replica of the original design. This version is lined with aniline leather and filled with high-density foam.

On the other hand, if you want something modular and have a lot of space, the Mario Bellini replica sofa is perfect for you! These modules with clean finishes and lines that simulate waves are the most comfortable support to play with a large group of family and friends. It is also filled with polyethylene and lined with aniline leather. This leather gives it a quite natural look and extreme softness.

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