Black Friday Sale in Black Leather Sofas | LC2 Sofa & More (II/II)

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on Nov 2nd 2021

In the previous post, we talked about two of the sofas that make up our list of the best-selling black leather sofas on our website. In case you haven't read our previous post, there we have described the Florence Knoll sofa replica and mentioned a classic of modernism… The LC2 sofa.

Our LC2 sofa replica, although it is inspired by the original design, tries to reflect the characteristic style of Le Corbusier in his creations. The tubular design that reflects well-defined and organic lines is what makes this sofa an elegant piece.

This piece, like all the furniture in our store, is fabricated with durable materials that are widely used in the market. The LC2 sofa is filled with high-quality padded upholstery to ensure great comfort, designed to last several generations and be an integral part of any decorating style.

As we mentioned earlier, the LC2 sofa is upholstered with Italian leather. This is also a soft and warm leather with a natural finish which people often consider among their first options due to the properties that confer. Among them are resistance and flexibility.

Now, in case you’re not into these black leather three-seat sofas, our varied catalog also has smaller options for those families where few members are made up or those who live in small spaces such as apartments.

Our perfect option for decorating apartments is without a doubt the LC2 Loveseat replica. This replica has a design almost the same as the LC2 sofa - tubular system, black Italian leather, and dense foam - but the difference is that this model is more compact. The LC2 loveseat is usually used to accompany the LC2 sofa replica or to use as the main sofa in narrow environments. Beautiful option right?

Plus! Since the LC2 sofa replica and the LC2 loveseat are part of the Le Corbusier collection, there are several pieces with similar characteristics that you can use to combine. A perfect example of this is the LC2 chair.

Another of the options that head our best sellers include the Woodrow sofa. This is perhaps the sofa with the strangest or unusual design, unlike the others that we have shown, however it does not stop being attractive from the first moment you see it.

The Woodrow sofa It's a sofa of high proportions, designed to produce a cozy feeling, so its seat is quite large, and its cushions are comfortable. Our premium Aniline leather is soft, supple, durable, and pliable, maintaining the characteristics of pure leather.

What do you think about the black leather sofas in sale for this Black Friday? Comment below which one is your favorite and remember you can obtain yours TODAY with a 100$ os discount.