​Easy Ways To Divide Your Room With A Modern Sofa & More Elements

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on May 4th 2021

Obtaining the precise interior design in your home is not a two-day task, it takes time and dedication because it is a progressive and changing process. As time passes, tastes and needs change. For example, since last year new needs have arisen for many due to the online way of working. Nowadays, many people require the implementation of a home office but not everyone has a space available or a very large budget to configure that space.

Whether you have a large or small home, today we are going to show you how you can effectively section out the interior of your home and thus optimize them according to your daily activities. Let us begin!

With a modern loveseat - LC2 Sofa

Placing a modern sofa crosswise is one of the easiest ways to make space for your office, whether in the living room or bedroom. You can preferably choose a loveseat since they do not require so much space and they fulfill the function of a sofa in the most optimal way possible.

The option that we would like to suggest is the incredible LC2 sofa or Le Corbusier replica sofa, this is a loveseat type sofa which is completely lined with aniline leather and filled with high density foam. Although this sofa is designed under modern bases, it is completely adaptable to contemporary styles.

Divider shelf

If you are a fan of reading or you just have some books that you do not know where to place them, a divider shelf is an excellent option! Not only will it fulfill the main objective which is to separate your office from your bedroom, or your office from the living room, but it will also keep your books safe and also serve as an authentic focal point.

Curtains or folding door

In case you want to section your room, the simplest option is to do it with curtains. In case you have a little more budget, you can also opt for folding doors. These can even add a lot of character to the overall interior design.

Plus! In case you choose this option, try that the curtains are stamped with striking designs or that the doors have textures.

Be creative

Within interior design it is extremely important to be creative! So get your design spirit out there and start thinking in different ways. An example of this is that if you enjoy weekends of movies or TV series, you can section with a projector screener.

This option is perfect for these times si0nce due to the quarantine you will spend much more time at home than usual.

Think big! This is perhaps the most creative option. It's about dividing or defining your sections through levels. You can help yourself with visual illusions and create a balance.

Comment below what you think about the LC2 sofa and these great ideas!