Everything You Can Do with a High-Quality Modern Sofa

Posted by Eloy on Jun 3rd 2021

The modern sofa is a piece of furniture with an interesting history. Its impossible-to-ignore presence and the relevance it has gained in people's daily lives over several decades give it a place of honor against which other pieces of furniture definitely cannot compete.

Everything that a modern sofa can offer symbolizes, in many ways, the spearhead of Mid-Century Modern. In this context, it's not surprising that users, when they move to a new place or want to renew the look of their house or apartment, one of the first things they can think of is a good comfortable sofa that also has a style that they like, with which they can identify.

In this article, we'll give you some interesting tips about your sofa so that you can take better advantage of it in every way and discover all its secrets to make it a star piece within your layout. If you have a comfortable sofa bed, modular sofa, loveseat, sectional sofa, corner sofa, or any other type of model, you should give it the place it deserves and highlight its qualities for your enjoyment and that of those who live with you.

How to Make a Sofa Bed More Comfortable

Sofa beds like Le Corbusier LC5 have the advantage that they fulfill at least two functions at the same time within a space— almost always a living room: they function as seats and also as small single-seater cots, ready to receive any user that wants to take a nap on them. Having a sofa bed can be something incredibly practical, especially in minimalist décors focused on elevating the environment's functionality to make it more efficient and useful.

The sofa beds are perfect so that you can offer your visitors the possibility of spending the night in your house or simply resting for a while. However, the fact that it's designed to provide that function doesn't mean that it's always the most comfortable and ideal spot to take a nap or spend a whole night. These are some of the main recommendations to make your sofa bed not only more pleasant to sleep in but also the place where your guests love to rest:

  • Clean the cushions with the correct frequency. Almost always, a sofa bed has a very recognizable structure in its design since the main cushion is usually in one piece, long enough to support the body of an average adult and dense enough to provide the minimum necessary cushioning, although you should turn it over frequently to avoid marks due to use. However, cleanliness is key. Most of the time, these types of cushions can be easily cleaned and turned over, and that's something you should do after each visit so that the person who is going to sleep on it can use it with confidence that it's free of viruses, bacteria, remains of food, or any other type of pollutant. A vacuum cleaner and a suitable product that you can apply to your sofa upholstery without risking damaging it can make an excellent duet. If the finish is cloth, you can spray it last with a cooling spray to give it a more pleasant scent.
  • Renew your sheets with each use. There's nothing better than lying on a bed that feels clean, fresh, and warm, ready to help you drain all the exhaustion accumulated during the day and renew your energy. Clean sheets can provide an amazingly refreshing experience. You can even have the most comfortable sofa bed you can find on the market, but if you don't use it with clean sheets, you'll be degrading the quality of the experience. If you live in a geographic area with very cold temperatures, clean, warm sheets, fresh out of the dryer, can provide users with dreamlike comfort.
  • Comfort begins with the eyes. Oddly enough, from the moment you see a piece of furniture, your body begins to respond in a certain way to visual stimuli when you imagine that you're using something that provides you with a lot of comfort and well-being. Your muscles, bones, mind, your whole being begins to appreciate it from the moment you visualize it. If a friend is going to sleep on your sofa bed, take the time to prepare it to the best of your ability, applying your best bed-making skills to make it look welcoming, cozy, and inspire confidence.
  • Make sure to provide appropriate pillows. A common mistake of sofa bed users is to choose the sofa pillows to sleep on. Many of these pillows look good but are not really comfortable. When it's time to sleep, use the best pillows you have so that the experience is as close as possible to what a traditional bed could offer or even better.

Leather or Fabric?

Regardless of the model you like, its colors, dimensions, and style, having a comfortable sofa bed for daily use can be a great solution for many people, especially for those who want to make the most of the available space and have highly functional furniture pieces that can use in different ways. However, the materials of your sofa bed represent a feature that you should never overlook.

Some people are really sensitive to upholstery that can collect dust more easily, such as fabric upholstery and other highly permeable materials, as this can activate certain unpleasant allergic processes. For many, it's customary to vacuum the surface of the sofa before going to sleep. However, this will also depend on how exposed to dust, moisture, fungi, and other allergens the model is in the environment in which it's to be used.

In any case, never forget that the sofa upholstery material is a very relevant aspect of any model you choose. In addition to fabric and leather, there are other materials such as microfiber, velvet, and synthetic upholstery. Modern catalogs are so varied and interesting that it isn't difficult to get comfortable sofa sets just as you have imagined and desired.

Are Leather Sofas Comfortable?

Leather is recognized for its versatile and friendly properties; also, for its great elegance and aesthetic appeal. It's a material that can last for many years if it's cared for correctly, and it can look even better as it ages, as some sofas develop a very interesting patina as their leather upholstery becomes more supple and softer.

Some models, such as the Barcelona Daybed replica, became highly recognized pieces thanks to the quality of their materials and their minimalist aesthetics. Their full-grain Italian leather is made to look spectacular and, at the same time, provide a very pleasant and comforting experience.

You may easily find an affordable comfortable sofa for yourself, but never forget that upholstery is not everything in a piece of furniture. Almost always, comfort is mainly associated with other aspects such as the type of padding it has, the density of the cushions, the dimensions of the sofa, the firmness of its structure, and so on.

A good way to know with greater security if a sofa is comfortable is to carry out a small test before taking it home. Sit on it, lie down for a few minutes, try to feel its texture, the cushioning sensation that its cushions give you, how your body feels when you lie down and, when you're in that position, think if you could be like that for a very long time. Also, pay attention when you get up to the way the cushions regain their shape and if there are no traces of your body on them.

Ergonomics remains an essential factor at all times. A sofa bed can be made of fabric or leather, but if after spending a long time asleep you wake up sore, with the feeling that you didn't rest in the best conditions, with a tense body and an unpleasant sensation in general, probably that is not the sofa bed for you.

The tips we've given you in this article will help you hit the mark with the right choice of sofa bed. If, at the end of the day, the idea of having a sofa where you can sit and also sleep when necessary doesn't seem too appealing, keep in mind that a small comfortable sofa is sometimes even more convenient, especially for minimalist environments. It all depends on your lifestyle, tastes, the space you have, and the use you're going to give your furniture.

Choosing the right sofa will bring you great satisfaction, it will renew the spirit of your living room and, probably, it will become the star of many unforgettable moments in your life or even family photos.


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