How to Care of Your Womb Chair

Jun 21st 2019

Our Womb Chair and Ottoman replica feature one of the most attractive and resistant materials for long term use: premium boucle wool upholstery. Few things to compare. Few things compare to sitting down with your knees pulled up and feeling nestled in a comfy chair with softness all round— and the wool premium boucle wool upholstery certainly plays a key factor on providing that feeling.

Deciding for wool as your upholstery material for mid-century modern furniture brings a lot of benefits to the table— wool is breathable, it doesn’t wrinkle, and it’s moisture, mildew, and mold resistant. Many interior designers choose boucle wool for their projects because of these valuable characteristics.

Wool upholstery for furniture is a great choice no matter your lifestyle, and our Womb Chair replica is a great example of that. But, just like any other furniture piece, it’s important to care for your Womb Chair replica and keep it clean.

That’s probably one of the reasons Florence Knoll asked iconic mid-century modern furniture designer Eero Saarinen to design a chair for her. The result of this groundbreaking design? The Womb Chair, an iconic mid-century classic which our faithful replica pays homage.

At Manhattan Home Design, we continue to care about our customers and our pieces even after the sale. So, in the spirit of that belief, we share some valuable tips and suggestions on how to care for your Womb Chair replica. These tips also apply to other wool furniture in your home so you can always keep it looking in pristine condition.

How to Care of Your Womb Chair Replica

As soon as you buy your Womb Chair replica, you might notice some extra fibers coming out naturally. Don’t panic! That is perfectly normal for any piece of furniture made of wool. Once you’ve used your Womb Chair replica for a short time, this will slow down and eventually cease to be a problem. You can always vacuum your Womb Chair replica or use a soft fabric brush on it to remove these extra fibers faster.

Regular Maintenance and Care

For regular maintenance and care for the wool upholstery on your Womb Chair replica, it’s important to vacuum it often. Try to use an upholstery attachment and gently vacuum your Womb Chair replica cushions, frame, and the stainless steel structure regularly.

Doing this will prevent dust and dirt to build up and damage your Womb Chair replica over time. Always avoid using vacuum rotary brushes to clean your Womb Chair replica, as this will damage the wool fabric upholstery.

In case of small, dry spills on your Womb Chair replica, use a soft, clean brush to sweep them up and then vacuum it to pick up whatever small crumbs or dirt were left behind if any.

In case of wet stain on your Womb Chair replica, be prepared to clean up as soon as spills happen. Spills and stains are something that will eventually happen, but they don’t have to cause a permanent if you’re prepared.

Clean up any spills as soon as they happen. If you let them get dry, they will be more difficult to get out. You may want to use some light solvent and water to clean up the spill but don’t usually recommend these as they might damage the fabric.

Instead, sometimes the best solution is mild soap and water. Try to use a clean microfiber cloth to rub the stain in circular motions, always moving towards the center of the stain. Let it air dry afterward.

If that doesn’t work, it might be time to bring in a professional furniture cleaner!

What about the Stainless Steel Frame?

The resistance against stains of the stainless steel we use in our Womb Chair replicas derives from an extremely thin but resilient and self-repairing film which forms on the frame.

This film bestows our Womb Chair replicas legs that are stain resistant and can also resist tainting of food. Increasing its ease of use, hygiene, and cleanability and the aesthetic appearance of our Womb Chair replica.

Furthermore, Stainless Steels do not chip, flake or crack. So your Womb Chair replica will remain unaffected by normal use over the years. All these factors are important to know for your ease of mind but still, some maintenance and care is necessary. Routinely and gently cleaning will help your Womb Chair retains its properties and appearance through many years of constant daily use.

To care for your Womb Chair replica stainless steel frame, simply use a mild detergent or soap in warm water and apply it with a soft cloth or synthetic sponge to the stainless steel legs. Make sure to rinse it in hot water afterward and dry it with a clean, soft cloth and allow it to drip dry.

Once or twice a month, you can do a deeper cleansing of your Womb Chair replica. Use a mild household cleaner along a fine synthetic scourer or a brush with nylon bristles on the stainless steel legs. Just make sure you don’t use these on the wool upholstery or you might damage the fabric.

It goes without saying but when buying furniture, you must check the labels and any care instructions that come with it to ensure sure you use the right products and methods for your wool upholstery. Make sure you know all your options when you purchase your modern wool furniture.

What’s Next

At Manhattan Home Design, not only is our Womb Chair replica available in a variety of colors, but plenty of our mid-century modern furniture pieces are available in wool upholstery. As you might have discovered already, the bouclé wool upholstery we use is easy to maintain, available in a wide range of colors, and can suit your any modern home in New York.

Browse our shop to see all our modern wool furniture options available! Feel free to contact us for more information about caring for your Womb Chair replica.