How To Combine Your Ophelia Bed With A Dark Color Scheme?

Posted by Eloy on Jan 13th 2021

No one can deny the power and charm that dark colors have. Some use them as the basis of the color scheme with which they dress each of their spaces. Others choose them preferably as accent shades to generate an interesting contrast in light color schemes.

However, when it comes to the bedroom and you've chosen a model like the Ophelia bed to make it the main piece, it's best to surround it with a dark color palette with light accent tones that work as a backdrop for the neutral tone of its soft padded upholstery.

Nobody said that it was forbidden to innovate and let creativity fly when looking for new color schemes for your bedroom. Especially since it's one of the most intimate environments in your home, and only you know exactly what you'd like and what you wouldn't like to add.

Some styles, such as Gothic or Glam, recognized for the predominance of dark tones, especially black, can be a good idea when the main goal is to achieve the perfect contrast for the colors of your platform bed frame. The black shade shouldn't be confused at any time with a sad, gloomy hue, but it's a tone capable of transmitting the energy of sobriety and very marked elegance.

Finding The Perfect Colors For You

The best interior designers know how to perfectly combine a modern bed frame with neutral-colored upholstery in a masterful way, taking into account the environment's characteristics, especially the lighting design and the amount of natural light usually present within the room.

Never forget that the bedroom is a multifunctional room; that is to say, a place where sometimes you'll want a lot of light and other times you will not want even a firefly to appear to be able to rest as you require. Other aspects, such as the proportions of the room and the decorating style, will also be decisive when it comes to successfully combining all these tones.

Sometimes very obvious mistakes are indeed made in the choice of colors. Nobody wants a bedroom that's permanently submerged in semi-darkness, much less if you also like bedding with dark colors to dress your mid-century bed frame.

In other words, the excess of a black tone in, for example, a wall, can be radically transformative and make it look, instead of sober, sad, or even gloomy if it's not applied correctly. The advantage of choosing a style like Mid-Century Modern is that, when you consult the catalogs of the different stores specialized in this trend, such as Manhattan Home Design, you discover the wide variety of options that you have on hand.

Never underestimate the importance of consistency in any aspect of interior design. In the end, it's not just a matter of whether you chose a traditional wood bed frame or a more sophisticated one; the most important thing is that it fully reflects your style and is functional and aesthetically appropriate for what you need and want. After all, finding your touch of originality and the perfect way to reflect your personality through colors will always be exciting.


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