How to Keep Your Modern Sofa Clean and Beautiful and Not Die Trying

Posted by Eloy on May 14th 2021

Since we know that you're a total lover of furniture design and you care about keeping them well-cared for so that they look and feel as good as the day you took them out of the store, we want to tell you that we understand you very well and, therefore, we want to guide you with professional advice about the correct maintenance of your furniture; especially, everything related to cleaning your sofa.

Buying a modern sofa represents, in the vast majority of cases, making a long-term investment. If you apply the correct maintenance methods and your sofa isn't too exposed to harmful agents, you can have a piece of furniture in good condition for a long time.

All those questions you have in your head have an answer that's surely more satisfactory than you think, and here we have wanted to make a list of them to make things easier for you. You can officially consider this article your personal guide to maintaining your sofa.

What Is The Cost to Have a Sofa Professionally Cleaned?

If you want to go to professionals to do all the sofa cleaning work because it inspires you more security, it's more comfortable for you, or you simply don't have time to do that job by yourself, you should keep in mind that professional cleaning of your sofa can be priced between $ 150 and $ 300. That's a standard price, but it will depend a lot on the situation of your sofa and the processes and methods that must be applied to leave it in good condition.

Never forget that the price will also depend on the type of sofa you have since it's not the same to clean and restore the materials of a leather sofa and a fabric sofa. The differences are notable, both in the type of work they'll have to do and in the products they're going to use.

Also, you should never underestimate the knowledge of a professional since even when it comes to fabric sofas, they have much more experience and knowledge about which is the most appropriate type of fabric sofa cleaner for your model.

If you're the type of person who normally worries a lot about keeping their house and furniture fully clean and away from destructive agents such as humidity, excessive dust, constant direct sunlight, the presence of pets with very sharp claws, or anything else that can quickly deteriorate it, it probably doesn't need a too deep restoration.

On the contrary, if your furniture is not something that steals your attention and you have neglected it for a long time, it's more likely that you need to request a sofa deep cleaning. Perhaps, in your search, you'll find people who are willing to do the work for less money (you could find sofa cleaners that charge you up to $ 50, at most, for the work, but just for that detail, it doesn't sound like something reliable). Remember that cheap, almost always, is expensive in the end. It's preferable to invest a reasonable price and make sure you get reliable professionals to whom you can entrust the health of your furniture.

Similarly, if you find experts wanting to charge you much more than the figures mentioned, it's probably a scam or something very inconvenient, because it can be a disadvantageous cost-benefit ratio. $ 400 to $ 500 is often too high a cost just for cleaning a sofa.

Can I use Autoglym leather cleaner on my sofa?

This type of leather cleaner is not recommended for sofa seats because the type of leather, finishes, and substances used by sofa manufacturers are very different from the materials used by car seat manufacturers. Therefore, this product is not recommended for non-automotive leather.

In the same way, always keep in mind that, within the categories of leather sofas, there really is a wide variety of different types of leather: aniline, semi-aniline, synthetic leather, pigmented leather, and other materials that look like leather but they're not. Therefore, each material must be cleaned with the appropriate product to avoid leaving irreparable stains, degrading the aesthetic properties of the model, or rapidly eroding the upholstery surface.

Can I use a steam cleaner on my sofa?

In some cases, for example, when the stains are very deep, very old, or difficult to remove, a special instrument may be necessary, such as a steam cleaner. This is especially true for fabric sofas, as long as the type of fabric is appropriate for this type of cleaning and doesn't affect its firmness and the quality of the upholstery.

You'll find that in drastic situations, drastic measures, as some sofa surfaces are especially vulnerable to stains and moisture, such as suede upholstery. When these types of sofas have not received the proper treatment, it's common to find the typical ghost stain left by a spilled drink or even water. To try to remove these types of marks, only a suede sofa cleaner can do the job well.

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes time to clean your sofa, regardless of whether it's made of leather or fabric, is that you must always apply the correct method to achieve the results you're looking for. There will always be the most appropriate sofa cleaning products for each type of material and finish.

If the surface of your sofa is not made of fabric or leather but a less common material, such as microfiber, use a microfiber sofa cleaner to achieve adequate results and avoid damaging the upholstery. Remember that, many times, you won't see the harmful effects of a product that you apply when you do it but later, when you begin to notice cracks or discolorations on the surface.

How to do leather sofa cleaning?

The process of cleaning the leather upholstery of your sofa doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, cleaning and conditioning a leather sofa it's simpler than you probably imagine, and it will be enough to follow these few steps to achieve very satisfactory results:

  • A little soap and water. Used sparingly, this foolproof duo can be perfect for removing light stains. However, it's best to use a specific type of leather soap, such as that used for saddles. This is especially recommended if the leather surface has a special finish that could deteriorate or wear quickly with ordinary soap. Cleaning leather sofa with baby wipes could be a good thing, as long as you use them on the spots where the stains are, just in case the components that usually this type of wipes contain have some kind of harmful effect on the leather.
  • Use alcohol for ink stains. Cleaning a sofa with alcohol is a more common procedure than you think, most of all when there are ink stains. This could be a recurring problem if you have young children at home. It will only be enough that a pen falls into their hands so that they begin to explore all the places where they can use it and the sofa will undoubtedly be one of them. You can start by trying using a swab dipped in alcohol and you'll create the magic of cleaning. Cleaning sofa cushions is an easy task but, in the process, try to keep the ink from smearing. Apply the rubbing alcohol only to the spot where the stain is. If the upholstery of your sofa is white, a white leather sofa cleaner can be much more convenient than an ordinary leather cleaner, taking into account that the ink stains would disappear without affecting the tone of the finish.
  • Dry it well. Beyond the products mentioned, you should not additionally use anything that wasn't specially made for the type of leather you want to clean. Also, if it's a very stained sofa, whose surface requires more advanced treatment, it's best to leave it in the hands of a professional, if you have that possibility. If there are only a few sporadic stains, following the steps above could be very helpful. Once the process is complete, be sure to dry the surface thoroughly with a clean, dry cloth to prevent mold growth.
  • Cream can do it better. There are creams for leather that can achieve fabulous results, and leave the leather with a more vivid, hydrated, and renewed appearance. Apply the product generously and let it act and penetrate the surface. After that, you can buff the leather with a clean, dry handkerchief until it shines, if you want to achieve that effect.

Always remember that the presence of pets at home can mean an additional effort when it comes to maintaining your sofa. Some pets are very polite and you can teach them not to approach the sofa to avoid scratches or damage to the material. Cleaning dog urine from a sofa cushion can be a headache when it's very delicate upholstery and it's a bad time that you want to skip.

In some cases, pet disasters can be so serious that you may require additional products, such as disinfectants and liquid removers that can be used on impervious surfaces and are not corrosive. The process of cleaning dog vomit from a sofa is much more difficult on highly porous fabric upholsteries and you run the risk of some of the dirt being trapped inside the cushion.

Cleaning methods for suede sofas:

Suede upholstery requires special treatment, so it doesn't hurt to get a few cleaning suede sofa tips:

  • Sometimes, the objects that you have in your house can become the perfect instruments for cleaning suede surfaces. For example, a pencil eraser can be very effective at removing old stains. Gently rub the eraser against the stain, then brush it off with a soft brush to remove excess dirt.
  • If you have already bought a special product to clean suede... Don't rush to use it! Better test just a little on a small inconspicuous part of the sofa and wait 15 or 20 minutes to check the effects of the product on the material. Some of those products are unreliable and what they actually do is damage the upholstery.
  • Sometimes, suede doesn't require a deep cleaning but simply a superficial cleaning so that it doesn't look so disheveled. However, using water directly is the least recommended thing. Therefore, it will be enough to lightly pass a damp tissue over the sofa to make it look much better, as long as you are careful not to wet the furniture surface too much.
  • To keep the suede shiny, you can get a special brush for that type of upholstery. Remember that it's a luxurious finish and it deserves to be kept in good condition. Make circular movements with the brush, applying more pressure on the spots where you've removed severe stains. If you have pets, this is a method that you should apply very often to eliminate hair.

As you may have noticed, this is a very complete guide for the correct maintenance of your sofa. Keep in mind that, regardless of whether you hire professional services or take on the task yourself, each sofa is a particular case and you must be very careful when applying a method and make sure beforehand that it's the most convenient for your model.

Having a well-kept, clean, and beautiful sofa is something that will enhance the aesthetic style of your environment and make it look much better, maintaining that perfect balance between aesthetics and function that can only be achieved through the correct maintenance of your furniture.


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