Mad Men Series Can Help You To Create Your Mid-Century Design | Get To Know The Florence Knoll Sofa

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on May 3rd 2021

Find out about the great features of the Florence Knoll sofa!

If you are one of those who watches TV series - which is highly probable due to the changes of this quarantine - you have probably heard of the Mad Med series. Both fans, the ones of series and those of interior designs have been fascinated with the mid-century aesthetic that this series displayed.

This iconic series was created by Matthew Weiner and produced by Lionsgate, it has conquered the hearts of the public worldwide and even influenced many viewers to decorate its interiors similar to those of the set. Without a doubt, the production team has been in charge of demonstrating in detail how functionality and simplicity can create beautiful results. This series follows the lives of the characters, not only showing the social customs of the 60s, but also exposing even the smallest details of the social and aesthetic environments that were lived in the golden years. In conclusion, Mad Men is considered a jewel in the field of visual entertainment and interior design.

While the production behind this series is quite large, this is not necessary to create your own mid-century design. It is possible to take specific references, inspirations and furniture that result in your desired retro / modern environments.

Today the protagonist of this story will not be Don Draper -if you have seen the series, you will know who I am talking about- but it will be a collection of furniture that with its details and finishes makes you think that you are on the set of Mad Men. Yes, we are talking about the iconic Florence Knoll sofa and collection.

Florence Knoll, best known as one of the pioneers in taking an interest in ergonomic structures for office workers. Florence Knoll, along with her husband and a few other members, were responsible for revolutionizing the industry, combining architectural and design skills to create the most optimal structures while still appearing sophisticated and pleasing to the public.

In this opportunity we decided to start the long awaited presentation by the Florence Knoll sofa. This particular sofa has been one of the most outstanding pieces within the Mad Med series offices. In the image below you can see a photo of one of the frequently seen office sets in the series.

This sofa is fully upholstered in aniline leather or fabric depending on the presentation and shows four beautiful legs made of stainless steel. The sheen that gives the naturalness of aniline leather and the subtle shine that stainless steel offers make it considered an elegant and fittable piece for offices and living rooms.

This sofa can help you start your mid-century design! As you can see in the image, you will only need to add other details such as wooden accents, the judging of some lines, the use of materials such as steel, chrome glass, among others. Surely you wonder, what other pieces in addition to this can help you on your way to get the look you want? Well, you can opt for a Florence Knoll chair and table. All these three pieces are made to be together, so the moment they come together, you will get the essence that you have been searching for so long.