Manhattan Home Design's best ottomans [part 2]

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Jan 14th 2019

Manhattan Home Design's best ottomans [part 2]

This is part two of Manhattan Home Design’s best ottoman roundup for 2019. As we mentioned before, ottomans are becoming extremely popular amongst interior designers and furniture enthusiasts because of their versatility and usefulness. For many people, buying a good ottoman represents a more convenient and affordable opportunity to furnish their living spaces. Manhattan Home Design is proud to maintain an outstanding standard of quality in every corner of our catalogue, including these babies!

  • 1.Celona ottoman ($526.78)

This is an ottoman from our Celona collection of replicas inspired by the works of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. It features a stainless steel polished frame which is made from one piece and a 100% soft leather upholstery supported by a network of expertly crafted saddle leather belt straps (also made of top-quality leather). 

Suggested Item: Celona Ottoman

The Celona ottoman is Manhattan Home Design’s seating solution for both indoor and outdoor situations and spaces, and it will last you a long time if you keep it safe from the rain and away from direct sunlight.

  • 2.Engage Upholstered Fabric Ottoman ($452)

This is one of our most affordable and comfortable ottomans. It has become quite the best seller in the past months, given its thick padding and sturdy Scandinavian finish. We’ve already featured its living room partner, the Spiers chair and ottoman, which have also become best sellers. 

Suggested Item: Engage Upholstered Fabric Ottoman

Both products feature the same cozy and plushy finish, as well as the same cherry-stained rubberwood legs. It comes with plastic foot glides to avoid floor damage, and the slight angle of the ottoman’s legs provides the whole seat with exceptional support and stability, making the seating experience quite pleasant. At this price, you really can’t do better, in terms of budget. This ottoman is available on 10 different colors.

  • 3.Button ottoman in leather ($418.80)

A stylish living room companion in black or white, the Button ottoman can be a perfect addition to a Club chair or even the Chester armchair. Firmly padded and inspired by the modern touch of famous American designer Florence Knoll, this ottoman is framed in stainless steel and also upholstered in top-grain Italian leather. The tufted seat provides an elegant look and a flexible surface that’s inviting and very chic. You can consider this ottoman an elevated version of regular modern ottomans, with a tailored look that’s perfect for almost any kind of living room from any style.

  • 4.Plush Ottomans ($592.50)

Available in white, silver, and black, this ottoman line is very versatile and sturdy enough to triple as leg support, individual seat, or even a short stool to stand on and reach something that’s too high up. The upholstery is leatherette of the best quality and the tubed legs are made of chromed steel. 

Suggested Item: Plush Ottoman

These ottomans in neutral colors are also very clean and timeless. It is indisputably modern and will do a great job in mid-century spaces, contemporary lounges, and other spaces that feature a more classic kind of furniture and décor. It is also pretty lightweight and durable: at 19 pounds of total weight it can support up to 250 lbs.

  • 5.Plump Ottomans ($742.50)

Available in black, white, and brown, the Plump ottoman line aims to be a little less functional and a lot more aesthetically pleasing. The chromed steel base goes great in industrial spaces as well as modern lounges. The upholstery is top-quality leatherette with another gorgeous seamless finish. 

Suggested Item: Plump Ottoman

Even though it looks small, this ottoman is actually larger in size than other similar items with a total width of 18 inches and a seat thickness of 11 inches. We would recommend this ottoman for the same three purposes as the Plush ottoman line, but with this one we would emphasize its seating capabilities because of the thickness of the seat and its beautiful cylindrical shape.