Peacock Chair: The Star of Your Living Room

Posted by Eloy on Oct 7th 2021

A modern design can become a fascinating treasure and an heirloom worthy of passing from one generation to another. If it's a timeless design made to conquer spaces with its aesthetic attributes and functional advantages, it can remain part of your most precious pieces for a long time.

The Hans Wegner Peacock Chair is an accent chair with everything you need to make your layout a complete, efficient, and inspiring creation. You don't have to think about it for years before adding an accent chair if that's what your living room or open-concept floor plan is seeking.

If you like Mid-Century Modern and its amazing catalog of furniture pieces, surely you've already realized the wide range of options you have to combine with the rest of your setting. A Wegner Peacock Chair replica can be a perfect option even in a Scandinavian-style living room, in which wood is the most abundant and outstanding material.

The range of wooden chairs is as wide as that of any other material; you can even find a chair for every taste, appropriate for every environment, but not all of them have such an original and elegant design as this piece by Wegner.

The importance of accent chairs is often confused with a mere aesthetic trend as if it were the answer to a need only for style but, if you live in a closed, minimalist, and pragmatic environment, you will have realized that an additional seat never hurts. In fact, it represents many benefits, since the experience of using a sofa, regardless of the model in question, is less individual than that of a chair like this, made to offer comfort and ergonomics of another kind.

What Must a Good Chair Have To Be Great?

The Peacock chair appeared on the market for the first time in 1947. The name is attributed to the also famous creator and exponent of Modernism Finn Juhl. After seeing the finished work and paying special attention to its characteristic back, he immediately associated it with a peacock. From that moment on, the name stuck with the piece.

The chair has a solid ash frame and a braided cord seat. The core of Wegner's original design has been maintained through the years thanks to the magnificent work of the artisans, which is why the chair continues to be reproduced.

The Mid-century Modern style has many ways of expressing itself through materials, design, form, and function, and the works of this great Dane make up one of the most acclaimed and prized collections in the world of furniture design. A Peacock chair reproduction is a work that can easily become the focal point of the floor plan in which you incorporate it. Its aesthetic attributes will make it the star of the place, and it will steal all eyes.