Prepare an Astonishing MCM Setting With Your Woodrow Box Skandi Leather-Sofa

Posted by Eloy on Sep 10th 2021

The Mid-Century Modern style is so popular these days that many people adopt it without even having a notion of what it means, what its salient features are, and its undeniable importance to the world of interior design and decor. Buyers can easily acquire a Woodrow Box Skandi Leather-Sofa and make it the main star of their living room without knowing that they're getting a model of great value within this trend. A sofa like that can lay the foundations for the rest of the house's decor and even become the layout’s focal point.

The MCM has gained so much importance through the decades and has remained for so long in the taste of the new generations that it has set a precedent and a new record in this regard. In fact, many specialists in interior design and decor propose that many aspects of the MCM have gone from being modern to contemporary, taking into account that it's already a timeless style and, therefore, it cannot be subscribed to a bygone era only. If you look closely, it's not so strange that this trend is still so popular.

Keys To Achieve an MCM Layout In Your Living Room

Now that you know MCM, you have probably understood why it's one of the most popular styles, and you may have discovered that it's also a trend that would look surprisingly good in your living room. So, you should have present some of the keys that will allow you to achieve the striking Mid-Century Modern setting with your tanned leather sofa that your friends and family will love:

  • Choose the correct color scheme. Choose soft colors as your main scheme, shades that draw lots of natural light into the interior and reinforce the brightness, and contrast them with accent color elements such as cushions, surfaces, rugs, and decorative objects. The main light colors are usually soft tones such as ivory, pearl white, beige, neutral tones, and pastel colors. The most recommended accent colors are bold hues such as dark brown, yellow, orange, red, purple, and pink.
  • Space management. Modern environments are eminently uncluttered areas, with enough free space for users to move and walk comfortably. Additionally, the floor plan will help you to know exactly the measurements of the area you have and the size of the furniture you plan to add. This way, you'll avoid the hassle of buying furniture pieces only to discover later, when you go to install them, that they have inappropriate sizes for your compartments.
  • Furniture: the spirit of the party. Choosing a midcentury sofa like the Woodrow Box Skandi Leather-Sofa is just the beginning. Remember to choose pieces of furniture that reflect the same modern flair as the rest of the environment. MCM furniture designs are usually smooth lines, geometric shapes, lacking accessories or minuscule details, comfortable, ergonomic, and practical. Remember that an iconic design is always a plus.
  • The lighting design: a decisive aspect. Any professional interior designer would promptly tell you that lighting design is so relevant that it could radically transform the end result you want to achieve. Generally, lighting design is classified into three main aspects: ambient lighting, task-focused lighting, and accent lighting. Taken together, lighting resources can create such a transformative effect that they can enhance the result to its best, or, conversely, ruin it and detract from it. Make sure you choose the right resources for efficient and aesthetic lighting.

With these tips, you'll be taking the most important steps towards an MCM style that will meet or exceed all your expectations and allow you to enjoy the wonders of this precious trend. Never forget that the most important thing is to let your imagination fly and apply all the originality and personality to create a design that really reflects who you are and makes you feel fully comfortable with the environment and its elements.