The Arco Lamp: a Masterpiece That You Can Add To Your Home Office

Posted by Eloy on Sep 11th 2020

The rapid and abrupt changes that the world has experienced in recent months have forced us to find new ways to adapt ourselves to both daily routines and new ways of coping with working life. This has made working from home become the new slogan of modern life and a form of professional exercise that is becoming increasingly popular and gaining more relevance and weight throughout the world. Take into account that getting a remarkable piece like the Arco lamp is always one of the most exciting parts of the whole process.

The idea of working from home may seem exciting to some, boring to others, and some others don't even care about being at home or in the office as long as they can count on the most appropriate conditions to carry out their tasks efficiently and productive. Whatever your case, you should know that creating a home office from scratch, many times involves taking into account certain factors that should never be underestimated, and that can directly affect the way you carry out your routine. Making sure of having a balanced lighting thanks to an Arco lamp and some other fixtures it’s important, but not the only thing you must consider. These five tips will help you create the home office you need.

1.- Choose a stimulating color palette. Never underestimate the power of colors. Remember that these are capable of weaving the atmosphere around you, which shapes everything you perceive daily and transmit energy to you, inspire your mood, and even influence the thermal sensation of the place. Choose the colors that make you feel most willing and in tune with the type of work you do.

2.- Choose the most comfortable space in your house. Some have the advantage of having a large house with many compartments, but others just don't have the same luck. No matter what your case is, the important thing is that, if you don't need too much space to carry out your daily functions, the most convenient thing to do is to choose the area that's most comfortable for you, in which you like to be the most and in which you can install yourself more easily. Remember that several hours a day are waiting for you in the same spot and everything should flow properly.

3.- Does your home office have the best technology? This is a question you should ask yourself from the very beginning. You were probably used to your company taking over everything related to your work tools and you used to leave everything in their hands, but now it's your responsibility. Build a technically robust home office, complete enough, with all the resources you'll need.

4.- Ergonomics: a decisive factor. Good lighting, good air, and oxygen flow, enough free space to move around, good-quality furniture, and appropriate designs, and avoiding any risk factor that may be in your environment will be measures that you should pay close attention to. Remember that the main objective is to adapt your space to your needs.

5.- Print your personality and style. If you've chosen a particular compartment to install your tools and turn it into your home office, don't neglect consistency with the layout's style. For example, if you're a lover of the Mid-Century Modern trend, some iconic pieces of this catalog such as the Arco lamp, and a desk with simple characteristics may be the best set up. Pick a nice light shade as a base, and you can add accent colors like orange, red, and brown to bring life to your details.

Never forget that an Arco lamp replica like the one featured by Manhattan Home Design can be a much more convenient option for your budget. This Arco lamp reproduction emulates with great fidelity the characteristics of the original piece by the Castiglioni brothers.

Ready to have the office you've always dreamed of? All is in your hands. Follow these recommendations and the results will surprise you.


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