The Arco Lamp: a Perfect Complement to Fill Large Rooms

Posted by Eloy on Oct 12th 2021

The typical architectural styles of houses and apartments usually have sections separated from others: the living room, dining room, and, in many cases, one or more of those sections merged into a single area. These spacious places are usually decorated based on an open-concept floor plan.

The lighting design, the color palette, the modulation of the space, and other relevant aspects participate in the creation of an open-concept floor plan. When it comes to areas that are too large, they can become empty or incomplete, even with a suitable selection of furniture distributed on the floor appropriately.

A piece as outstanding as an Arco lamp can represent a very convenient, suitable, and fantastic element for an open space area, taking into account its impressive aesthetic characteristics, dimensions, and the dose of practicality that it can bring to an environment, especially if they are spaces in which people usually carry out activities for which good task-based lighting is needed. Not just any floor lamp can provide such good quality overhead light. Besides, the components of an Arco lamp make it a unique fixture in its category, especially its solid base in Carrara marble.

Why an Arco Lamp?

Designing an open space area is not always easy since not everything is reduced to small or complementary elements that help fill a floor. Some particularly robust pieces of furniture, such as bookcases and oversized cabinets, can function as the perfect partitions in open space areas. Many designers and users also use curtains to preserve the privacy of each section without sacrificing functionality or resorting to complicated door and wall installations.

A library or reading area, an entertainment center, a bedroom, or any other type of compartment can greatly benefit from a piece like the Arco lamp replica. The best thing is that its designers, the Castiglioni brothers, thought about all aspects of how the lamp works, including how to move it.

The cylindrical hole that runs through the marble base from one side to the other serves to introduce a broomstick or any other elongated element with which the base can be pushed and gently dragged across the floor to the place where you need to move it. This makes the process much more user-friendly.

Think of all the strategic places where you can use your Arco lamp reproduction to enhance its value. Its imposing stainless steel arch, up to 90 inches high, is something impossible to overlook. Unlike other floor lamps, the design of this piece makes it look big, majestic as if it were a fascinating presence- as it really is.

It's not a simple coincidence that it is still one of the best-selling lamps around the world, used not only in wide and open spaces but also in small and minimalist environments. If you're in the process of designing the interiors of your new open-concept floor plan, give the Arco lamp a try and discover why it remains a legendary piece of the Mid-Century Modern style.