The Arco Lamp: a Star Element In Your Industrial Indoor

Posted by Eloy on Dec 3rd 2020

From the boom experienced by loft-style homes, especially in the mid-twentieth century in New York, the Industrial style began to gain popularity as an appropriate proposal for modern environments. Many of these spaces were formerly abandoned factories or warehouses that were reconditioned and converted into homes, but they still kept their distinctive features that evidenced their previous purposes: high ceilings, large windows, very spacious compartments, and an abundance of rustic materials. Many interior designers have shown that with high-class furniture and fixtures such as the Arco lamp it's possible to design efficient spaces with optimal industrial aesthetics.

The main role of rustic resources is one of the most obvious characteristics of the Industrial style. In it, the structures remain bare with their materials in view: concrete or brick walls, iron columns, visible pipes, large pieces of furniture with metallic and rustic elements, etc. Also, a trend towards a color palette predominantly neutral (mostly gray, beige, earth colors, white, and black).

In this sense, the wide stainless steel arch that reaches up to 95 inches at its highest point and the solid base of Carrara marble that distinguish the Arco lamp are very well adapted components to this type of decor. The secret of the Industrial style and its great popularity is that it finds the perfect ways to make structural materials show their most aesthetic and attractive side.

A Floor Lamp of Great Symbolic Value

Rustic elements such as iron, leather, untreated wood, and especially concrete, are highly valued by interior designers who mostly prefer the Industrial style. Without the participation of these types of components, defining the Industrial style and understanding it becomes a more difficult task. It's only enough to associate the large constructions of factories and warehouses and the type of materials that make them up with the decor and aesthetic style of these types of areas to reinforce the concept and have it clearer.

When you want to get a really rustic look, specialists turn to natural or "raw" in most cases. In other words, if it's an environment in which there will be a lot of wood, a preference for natural wood will almost always be noticed, without stripping, lacquering, or varnishing. Some Industrial-style indoors don't even show a coat of paint on their bare concrete walls. In fact, if we refer to resources of natural origin, we can say that in this sense marble has a special value, taking into account that it's a resource extracted directly from nature so no two pieces of marble are exactly alike.

The base of the Arco lamp replica by Manhattan Home Design is not only made of marble but it's also made of solid Carrara marble, a type of marble especially valued for its aesthetic attributes. It has a symbolic value since it's present in several works of antiquity, such as sculptures by Michelangelo and the facades of some architectural works in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.

In addition to all of the above, an Arco lamp reproduction is an emblem of elegance and good taste that will give your Industrial decorating style a complementary modern touch that will surprise more than one of your friends and family.