The Arco Lamp Can Look Great With Any One Of These Five Decorating Styles

Posted by Eloy on Sep 4th 2020

Something that characterizes modern pieces that caused a great impact among the public and critics in the middle of the last century is their amazing versatility, which makes them look very good in different environments, with diverse decorating styles. The Arco lamp, presented by the Castiglioni brothers in 1962, doesn't escape this reality, and it's not by chance that it has become, over the years, one of the best valued and most coveted pieces in the history of design. It's believed that today, in Italy, it's a piece that's present in at least ten percent of the country's families.

They have been whole decades of triumph. However, times advance, styles are updated, and others rebound in popularity to become a trend. If you have an Arco lamp at home or you want to add one to your layout but don't know exactly how to integrate it, these are five style options from which you can choose the one that best identifies you:

5 Decorative Styles For Your Arco Lamp:

  1. Scandinavian. This decorative style is based on the lifestyle of the Nordic countries and was first called by that name around 1954. The strength of this style is the use of wood, which is used as the main material for the design and manufacture of all kinds of furniture.
  2. Industrial. It's characterized by the use of very wide spaces, rustic materials such as concrete and metals, and large and simple furniture. The industrial style is inspired by the architectural style of large factories and warehouses and is ideal for buildings with very large rooms and very high ceilings. Its predominant colors are gray, white, black, and metallic tones.
  3. Mid-Century Modern. Practically the most popular on this list and the one that can offer you some of the most acclaimed designs of the last fifty years. Also known as MCM, this decorative style consists of an amazing catalog of world-renowned furniture and fixtures such as the Arco lamp, the Shell Chair, the Barcelona sofa, among many others.
  4. Nautical. A super interesting style, perfect for those who love blue and the wonders of marine life. The Nautical style is designed to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere where this color is the main protagonist and where the designs of furniture, ornaments, and aesthetic elements are directly inspired by the maritime lifestyle.
  5. Bohemian. If you are one of the people most inclined towards the simple, artistic, expressive, and you have a special affection for arts and crafts, this style is probably the one you need to adopt. The bohemian style is characterized by using old or “vintage” objects, a lot of mural art, ornaments with recycling materials, and colorful furniture designs that are often restored old pieces.

Knowing these styles so requested today will efficiently guide you in your mission to successfully renovate your space and integrate your Arco lamp or any other fixture you like. These are just some of them, but they are a good opening for the many other styles that you can research on the Internet to choose the one that best represents you.

Remember that you don’t necessarily have to invest a fortune on one piece like this, since there are some affordable options on the market, such as the Arco lamp replica by Manhattan Home Design, a product that's very faithful to the original and made under the strictest quality controls. Add an Arco lamp reproduction to your decor and enjoy the wonders of this legendary piece!