The Asher Bed: A Bed Fram To Surround With Colors

Posted by Eloy on Nov 20th 2020

You deserve it: a space as pleasant as possible, where you can be yourself in an environment that can transmit joy, enthusiasm, and make you feel really identified, with the feeling that you belong there and it's a safe and pleasant place. You should recognize in your bedroom a compartment with which you’re familiar and perceive it as a specially designed environment for you, with an Asher bed and some other helpful elements. For this purpose, colors have a substantial role, since they are practically the ones that define the style and energy that the room can transmit.

You may also have your particular preferences, tastes, and hobbies. The secret to setting up a suitable environment for yourself is to make it as friendly as possible, so you should always think about what nuance you prefer and choose the look that best matches your platform bed frame. However, you can always find support in this task if you make the right decisions, exploring the nuances that most excites you, picking the ones that you think you’d like the most.

5 Accent Tones To Accompany Your Asher Bed

Below, we recommend five base colors that usually work very well in the decoration of any bedroom with a wood bed frame:

  1. Navy blue. It's the color of calm, serenity, freshness, and the sea. Ideal to calm the hyperactivity of the most energetic and restless routines. Blue is widely used in male’s rooms, but always remember that colors really have no gender or sex. Therefore, the secret is in creativity. You can combine it with white to generate different shades such as light blue or pastel blue.
  2. Light pink. Mostly used in female's rooms, it's almost always reinforced with some conceptual female decor trend. It's a tone closely associated with tenderness, delicacy, and softness, and offers many possibilities to add accents and decorations such as red and its derivatives. The glitter and sparkling accents, added prudently, are welcome.
  3. Caramel yellow. A vivid representation of youth. Boys and girls will receive this color with open arms. Yellow is practically the happiest color. It's the color of abundance, warmth, energy, and triumph. It's usually a favorite color for any creative person and works with all kinds of bright accents, themed decors, other light shades and works well with añlmost any mid-century bed frame.
  4. Lavender. This is a very special color. It can be used in many ways, and when combined with accents of magenta, cyan, and even white, it produces a very sober, elegant, and welcoming visual effect for any modern environment. Besides, it's a recommended tone for rooms with abundant natural light.
  5. Deep green. The color of life, hope, and rejoicing. Known for being a very powerful, inspiring, and peaceful tone, green is capable of generating calm and relaxed atmospheres, transmitting positive stimuli, and a good-spirits atmosphere. It's a highly recommended color to promote concentration and balance, especially if the users also use the room to study.

These are just some of the colors that you can take as a basis for decorating or you can use as accent tones to improve the aspect of your modern bed frame. Let your creativity run wild and discover new ways to bring your bedroom to life.