​The Egg Chair & These 2021 WFH Tips Will Help You Create An Optimal Space

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on May 8th 2021

If the quarantine has affected you in your usual way of working, you probably know the acronym WFH. If not, don't worry! The WFH is an abbreviated form to refer to "working from home". These acronyms are widely used in thousands of blogs, publications, books, etc. Since for many working from home has become their new daily life. For this reason, today we have dedicated the blog to share with you some tips and furniture like the Egg chair to configure your own WFH office.

The creation of your own WFH office is more important than you think and it is necessary to invest a few hours and a budget, why? First of all, when we are at home we usually tend to be distracted or procrastinating more than we should. So just as in your usual work where you had your own space for reasons related to concentration and focus, this is why you need the same at home. Swipe down and start collecting the best tips!

Select the space and implement 70-30 Split

Like any decoration, the first step is to choose where you will implement it. The choice of a WFH office location is a little more particular than others since this should be a space where you avoid distractions and is pacific, that is, it is quiet and is a little isolated from the other members of the household.

In addition to this, experts suggest the following two points:

- Being near a window, this helps the better flow of ideas and also serves as a focal point for concentration.

- 7-30 split. That is basically decorating. 70% of the area with one style and the remaining 30% with a different style. For example, if you choose a mid-century modern piece of furniture like an Egg chair and more items related to this style, then you should add the remaining 30% of items in a different style. Following the same mid-century example, the styles that best combine are industrial, boho and modern.

Focus on an anchor and decorate around it

It is important that before selecting the anchor you define your state of mind. According to Leyden Lewis, an adjunct professor at the New York School of Interior Design and founder of her eponymous design studio, an anchor could be a fireplace or a window, you can see it as a starting point for your décor.

To choose it, try to analyze your current striking elements, they may be some architectural reliefs or a favorite piece of furniture. If you have the Egg chair, which is recognized for its imposing structure and high back, you can use it as an anchor and start decorating around it. The important thing here is to create a cohesive design where inspiration and source converge in the same place.

Select a neutral color palette

Colors are directly related with emotions, so when you want to keep a calm and pacific vibe it’s important to choose a neutral and light color palette.