The Finn Juhl Sideboard: More Than a Furniture Piece

Posted by Eloy on Mar 17th 2020

If you are a lover of the mid-century modern style, you may have wondered why the name Finn Juhl is so well-known and celebrated within this style and is often associated with very high-end creations, which were very influential and became icons of their time and style. Certainly, works like the Finn Juhl Sideboard earned a great reputation and applause from the public because of the trend they set. If you are a lover of this style, you should consider adding this piece to your layout, since it's valuable not only for its functionality but also for the history that precedes it and the background it represents.

The Influence of a Masterpiece

You can use the Finn Juhl Sideboard replica as an entertainment center, a stand for your TV set, audio and video equipment, game consoles, and any other type of device that you want to integrate. Not only will you be able to use them in a comfortable and accessible way, but they will look great in the company of this masterful piece. You likely have a lot of wooden furniture in your space, perhaps pieces from the mid-century modern style too, with simple and minimalist characteristics, that keep Finn Juhl 1955 TV cabinet very good company and make stand out its firm and geometric lines and its color gradient palette. Besides, its multiple compartments allow you to store a wide variety of objects and organize them most conveniently.

Thinking about the models of this artist is thinking about the practical, useful and minimalist, but also about the beauty of the simple. The Finn Juhl 1955 sideboard is more than a conventional furniture piece, and its structure, materials, and shapes continue to attract looks and tastes after more than fifty years since its presentation. Visit our Showroom in NYC to learn more about this and other pieces from the mid-century modern style.

Custom Order

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