​The LC3 Sofa & These Tips Will Make Your Apartment Decoration Much Easier

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on May 7th 2021

Get to know how the LC3 sofa can help you to create a well distributed space and more tricks for it!

If you've gotten a little stressed due to your apartment / condo decoration process, don't worry! We have all been through it. Small spaces tend to give a bit of a headache when it comes to optimally distributing it. However, there are many tricks and ways you can take advantage of every inch of your home. Today we have compiled the most used tricks when decorating a small interior, from choosing a modern sofa with optimal structure, color palette selection and much more. Scroll down and let’s dive into it!

Select the right furniture

Furniture is perhaps one of the most important factors in creating a spacious concept space. These should not be too small or too large, but appropriate to the dimensions and style you have in your home.

Normally in apartments it is preferable to have two or three pieces that create a functional space, than a single very large modern sofa that covers a lot of space. A perfect example of a furniture layout would be to place a loveseat as the main sofa, an accent chair and a coffee table in front of them. With these two elements you will create more balance and you will have the necessary space for you and your loved ones.

The LC3 sofa that we mentioned at the beginning of the blog is the perfect representation of a modern loveseat. The great thing about this sofa is that it is very fittable in various styles and dimensions. It is lined with aniline leather and filled with a high density foam to provide maximum comfort. The fact you must know about this piece is it was designed by the incredible Le corbusier. This is important to mention since he was one of the pioneers of seeing the house and furniture as machines where they had to be as functional as possible. So, what a better way to optimize your house than by including a piece from this mastermind?

Include multipurpose spaces

In this step you must get creative and define your needs prior to decorating. By enhancing spaces with different functions you can improve your lifestyle and still have a well interior. For example, if you have a guest room and your company due to COVID sends you to work from home, take advantage of the empty space! We all know that currently almost no one receives visitors so take advantage of your guest room and config

ure a small corner as a home office by placing a desk and an office chair will be enough to cover this new need.

Hang mirrors in strategic places

Mirrors can not only be used in bedrooms and bathrooms, in living rooms too! Although the main objective is to see ourselves reflected in them, in this case what is wanted is that they create focal points that reflect the rooms and make the people who visit, and even you, unconsciously think that there is space behind them.