The Mara Table: More Than You Can Expect from a Coffee Table

Posted by Eloy on Sep 27th 2021

Versatility is something that any user, especially lovers of modernism, will know how to love. Some designs are rightfully made to shine from every angle, in whatever environment they're used in and whatever decorating style they fit into. Versatility is an aspect that you should never underestimate in a piece of furniture, because some remarkable works, such as the Mara table, are worthy examples of everything you can achieve in decorative and functional terms. After all, decor and interior design are made up of a wide variety of styles with which you can experiment and discover new aesthetic formulas.

It's not surprising that these types of tables have such a wide market and have been on the charts for a long time. This kind of design tends to be coupled to a myriad of different environments due to their high functionality. Round tables like this one, spacious and dynamic, can serve as support for many users at the same time during a cocktail party or celebration.

The Mara table represents a beautiful sign of minimalism. Just admire its large 14 millimeters thick sealed solid marble top, made to withstand intensive use without losing the quality of appearance and shine. These reasons alone are enough to imagine why it has won a place of honor in so many homes with different decors.

Its three inclined legs give it a sophisticated flair, which is far from the traditional structure of the tables within its category. It's a table with a clean and compact appearance, perfect for small spaces designed with minimalist trends. The legs can be made of walnut or oak, two types of wood of different finishes but very high quality, and they provide firmness and sufficient stability to its heavy top.

A Table With Many Aesthetic Advantages

A piece like this is a very high-value design whose great utility you'll be able to identify from the first moment. Additionally, you can combine it with practically any type of seating and also with other types of accent tables for other areas within the same floor plan, such as wooden tables.

One of the aesthetic advantages of marble that's probably not talked about much is the different shades it can have, depending on the type of piece it is. After all, don't forget that marble is a resource extracted directly from nature and, like a piece of wood or leather, it's unique in its constitution, vein marks, and texture.

There are no two samples of the same marble, in the same way that there are no two exactly identical tables. Also, marble can be dark, medium, or light in color. Each table is an authentic piece and will not be like any other that you can find in another house or apartment.

A table as fascinating as the Mara table means a world of possibilities that will be waiting for you at all times. You'll begin to enjoy its advantages from the first moment, and you'll feel very satisfied to have made it part of your floor plan and layout.