The Napa Sofa + Plants: an Amazing Combination

Posted by Eloy on Apr 27th 2021

Are you looking for an original, authentic, and pleasant idea to give more personality and freshness to the décor of your interior spaces? A houseplant is probably the best answer to this need. Have you considered it?

Just think about how good very healthy, well-selected plants look, compatible with the climate of your city or your region, your modern Napa sofa, the rest of the furniture, and suitable to survive indoors without requiring too complex care.

Plants are capable of giving a natural touch like no other element, they help to renew oxygen and reinforce the color palette. However, you probably don't always have the knowledge to choose the ideal plants and the perfect place to locate them.

If you have a midcentury sofa and you want it to be surrounded by plants, It's possible that if you choose your plants wrongly, they won't look well, they won't survive long, or will deteriorate quickly.

For this, one of the main factors that you must consider is the adaptability they have to the temperature, both of the natural environment and those generated by heating and air conditioning since a plant in cold climates wouldn't last long in an environment of high temperatures and vice versa.

If you go to a site that specializes in gardening products, chances are there is someone to advise you on which plant is best for your type of climate. The Fittonia or the Peperomia are usually recommended for their great ability to adapt to different types of environments.

The Luca Sofa Is Another Good Option For You

Light is another vital factor. Some species can survive a long time with just a few hours of daily exposure to direct sunlight, but others need much more of it to stay alive. Some plants can survive with artificial light, or indirect light, but keep in mind that the greater the amount of natural light, the better the quality of life they'll have and, therefore, they'll look better alongside your modern sofa.

A plant with bright colors can make the aesthetics of the rest of the elements stand out much better, especially if they're iconic designs such as the Luca sofa or some other spectacular modern couch that you could place in the center.

If you are a cactus lover, you have the advantage that there are many different species of cacti to choose from and they are versatile plants that don't require too much care. You can have different types of cacti and make an exotic and attractive combination to fill a shelf on the wall or have a small bookshelf full of them.

Both small and large plants have very valuable decorating effects that can work very well in various spaces and be of great benefit, but remember that you must use this resource strategically to achieve the results you want. For example, your plants shouldn't be in the wrong spot, where people can trip over them, nor should they take up too much useful space.

Using several small pots to decorate a window sill is an idea that usually works very well, looking very pretty and thus you make sure that your plants have natural light every day.

Decorating with plants is a trending idea that usually works very well in many decorating styles. Prepare a beautiful selection of your favorite plants and make them the stars of your home.