The Sven Style Sofa: The First Step In Your Home Staging Process

Posted by Eloy on Sep 3rd 2021

Have you ever imagined that your house is a stage? If you haven't, you should know that many professional interior designers do it constantly as part of their profession. Home staging is an art, and you don't need to be a professional interior designer to know its most important principles and some valuable tricks that can help you take advantage of it.

When making your interior design, some pieces of furniture, such as the Sven Style sofa, are especially recommended for this type of project since they can be integrated with great success in different decorating styles.

Although home staging is probably a term that not everyone knows but only the people most familiar with interior decor, it's worth unlocking its secrets to achieve fascinating and unforgettable results.

The vision of a professional interior designer has to be based on certain objectives:

  • Identify the weaknesses and strengths of an environment and its characteristics to highlight its advantages and create attractive designs so that potential new buyers of houses and apartments are more attracted to them.
  • Get the best angles, the best lighting, the most convenient furniture selection, and the most aesthetically and functionally convenient layout of items to make a compartment, area, or space show its best side.
  • Propose different decorating styles that can work in the best possible way to demonstrate the versatility of a place and its aesthetic flexibility.
  • Integrate both aesthetic and functional aspects so that the result is satisfactory in every way. A room that looks spectacular and at the same time adapts incredibly well to the lifestyle of its users is a perfect setting.

Why Is a Modern Sofa Better For Home Staging?

You don't need to be a pro to do top-notch home staging. It's important to keep in mind that imagination, creativity, vision, and ingenuity can be much more timely than knowledge. If you hire a professional interior designer because you want your home to be the perfect setting for you or because you want to sell it and make the best impression on potential buyers, never forget that your ideas, initiatives, proposals, and sketches can be so much more valuable than those of the professional.

In the process, you should never underestimate the importance of furniture and its great relevance in the final result. A tanned leather sofa like the Sven Style model can easily be the focal point in a Mid-Century Modern setting, just to mention one example.

Sofas with tan leather upholstery became a returning trend, in recent years, to the tastes of the general public, due to its great versatility, elegant appearance, and resistance. Lovers of modern furniture almost always love designs like the Seven Style sofa, making it a good starting point for these types of scenarios.

Never forget that home staging is not only appreciated in person but also through pictures that can show potential occupants all that the environment has to offer. Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles, pieces of furniture, fixtures, and decorative elements that can give a new face that you may never have imagined to each of your compartments.

Home staging always pays off, even if there's no particular reason to do it. People will always want to know the many advantages of an environment like yours and all it can offer them. Don't miss the opportunity to polish your layouts.