The Tulip Table Deserves To Be Part of Your Layout

Posted by Eloy on Feb 10th 2021

When people have a defined vocation and carry out their profession with love, the results can be seen reflected in each of the aspects of their work. Eero Saarinen's creations are a very clear and reliable example of this. His works are, in fact, full evidence of what it means to be a master in a certain field and to make the most of talent.

His iconic Tulip table is a testament to that, and no wonder it's currently one of the most replicated pieces in the world of furniture design. It not only meant an innovative design in its time but also a very versatile piece, visually and functionally compatible with all kinds of environments and styles. There are many and very diverse ways in which you can integrate this table into your floor plan and discover its wonderful features.

Finding The Perfect Spot for Your Tulip Table

The truth is that when we talk about the Tulip table, we are not referring to a particular piece but to an extensive and diverse collection of models that bear that name and have in common their structure and tulip-shaped aesthetics. The sizes, colors, materials, and designs are many.

The black Tulip table, the round, square, oval Tulip table, or the Tulip coffee table are some of the most popular and sold. There's a model with a walnut surface and other models with surfaces that resembles marble. The size, color, shape, and height of the model that the person chooses will depend on the context in which it's to be used.

In some studio apartments like those that are common in New York, a Tulip table can be a very convenient option, considering that they're almost always environments based on an open-concept floor plan in which this type of chair with a minimalist and light aspect is highly convenient.

Besides, due to their marked diversity, they can work very well as accent tables or coffee tables. Practically, there's a model for every setting, including kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, and even terraces and balconies. Improvised meetings with your friends and family to share snacks, drinks, board games, or just a pleasant conversation, will have another face thanks to your Tulip table.

On the other hand, many believe that to give this recognizable and pleasant modernist touch to their surroundings they need to invest an exorbitant amount of money, but there are actually very convenient options such as the Tulip table replica by Manhattan Home Design, which is a product very faithful to the original design and is sold at a much more affordable price.

You only have to admire the neat and luminous aura of a Tulip table to imagine the favorable effect it can have on the color scheme of a place. Also, its biomorphic structure represents a superior aesthetic and functional value that will be appreciated by interior design experts as well as ordinary and inexperienced users who simply need a good, attractive, and efficient piece of furniture that expresses character and good taste in pleasant surroundings.


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