The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa Could Be Your Brand of Modernist Originality

Posted by Eloy on Apr 20th 2021

Have you ever wondered where exactly professional interior designers and die-hard fans of interior design and décor get their inspiration from? We must start by saying that interior design is an art in a broad sense of the term.

From the moment in which the decorator begins to imagine the possible ways in which personality and aesthetic value can be given to an area without sacrificing the functional aspect, they are cultivating a very particular type of art. Oftentimes, finding a key piece like the Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa can be the beginning and trigger of a whole modern concept ideal for application in a compartment.

Sometimes, the main sources of inspiration are the photographs because they show us in broad strokes that the work and ingenuity of the pros, and how they have used the most common and also the newest resources to create great things. Virtually, everything is valid, as long as the objectives are achieved in the most successful way possible.

The best environments are those that strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and function. It's not always easy to achieve that, but certain factors, such as the place's architectural characteristics, its proportions, environmental and climatic factors can be decisive about what the final result will look like.

What Elements Define The Decorating Style?

When you see a masterful midcentury sofa you are seeing the most outstanding characteristics of Modernism, all brought together in one piece: minimalism, practicality, durability, and a sense of aesthetics based on simple elegance that can work very well in most homes and modern apartments.

In terms of functionality, one of the great open secrets is having everything you need right where you need it. This is the most direct and secure way to configure the perfect habitat for each type of user.

It's no coincidence that in most hotels, for example, such aspects are given so much importance, since the staff in charge must pay close attention to ensuring that the rooms have everything they need before their occupants settle in.

However, the average hotel rooms, their common areas, outdoors, and lobbies almost always have an impersonal, standardized décor, which doesn't express much because it's not usually the primary interest of their creators unless they are especially extravagant hotels, very high-class, or designed with a particular conceptual theme.

On the other hand, luxury hotels do tend to show unforgettable, first-rate, very professional-looking décors, especially when they want to catch the attention of their customers and leave a very good impression on them so that they want to return in the future.

When it comes to your own home, you have to find the perfect way to adapt it to your needs and, at the same time, reflect your personality, tastes, and style through its colors, shapes, furniture, and resources.

That's why we insist so much that a modern sofa is a revealing piece in your setting. It says more than you think and its aesthetic and functional contribution is vital to achieving that dream space you deserve.