The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa: From Nature To Your Living Room

Posted by Eloy on Nov 24th 2020

It's fascinating how some pieces of furniture are forged with resources and materials extracted directly from nature. An example of this is the Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa, with its solid wood structure that makes it so strong and firm, and its tanned leather upholstery so resistant, surprisingly pleasant to the eye and the touch. In the same way, some interior designs incorporate abundant materials and natural resources to give fresh and pleasant air to the spaces, both in an aesthetic and functional sense. Neutral colors like white, black, and gray are usually a good companion for furniture pieces with natural materials and items such as leather rugs.

If you are one of those who don't like the sober, simple, serious, and formal and, instead, prefer exciting, daring, and eye-catching decors, you can choose from an infinite variety of warm and cold tones to fill your living environment. Textures are usually a key point for natural environments. That's why the tan tones in a midcentury sofa like the Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa, which add such sublime elegance, are so well received and accepted, as the leather of this type doesn't only looks great but also feels great to the touch. It's the kind of surface you can pair with bold hues like deep browns with orange accent colors. If you lack inspiration, you can always check what the professionals have done, both in minimalist environments and in other trends.

A Midcentury-Sofa For Life

How many materials can you imagine that, over time, instead of looking old, they will look even better than they did when they were new? Well, some natural materials such as leather and certain types of wood are highly resistant and, if they receive the necessary care, they can last a long time looking good and even improve their appearance over time. These two materials are one of the very few that exist with this property. Therefore, many people not only use them in their furniture but also to decorate walls and floors. Combining a modern leather sofa with decorative elements like wood paneling on the walls can be incredibly stylish and add astonishing visual interest.

"Cozy" seems to be the holy grail that everyone pursues in interior design and decor, especially during the winter months, which are often quite difficult due to low temperatures and dark days. Anyway, don't forget that each person configures a space according to their own conception of what is cozy. Although each decorating style has its own characteristics and guidelines, never lock yourself in a paradigm, without daring to experiment with your own ideas and initiatives. After all, one of the biggest reasons Mid-Century Modern became such an outstanding style is because it broke schemes and molds to present a whole new world of possibilities.

Allow nature to speak for you through your decorating style. The resources you'll find will not only allow you to achieve amazing results but will also become the source of outstanding new ideas that will transform your reality.