Tips To Take Best Care Of Your Modern Sofa

Posted by Eloy on Sep 14th 2020

Have you thought about how much the beauty and decorating style of your living room can be influenced by the modern sofa you've chosen as the main piece of your layout? It goes like this: In general, the midcentury sofa is a piece of such an important magnitude that it's the one who rules the decorating style. It is in charge of generating the first great impression on the guests, and that makes it a vital component of living rooms. The importance of this piece makes maintaining it properly an essential task to preserve the spirit and beauty of the place.

To clean your sofa, there are professional cleaners that can carry out the task without damaging the materials, finishes, and surfaces. That is especially valuable when it comes to leather sofas or a modern sectional that occupies a useful area within the floor plan. Vacuum cleaners are almost always first-hand tools for extracting loose dirt and dust from fabric-upholstered pieces and highly porous cushions. If you decide to use soap or apply some other chemical additive to remove the most difficult stains, you have to make sure that it's compatible with the upholstery's surface; so as not to leave irreversible damage to your sofa.

Protect Your Sofa From Stains, Direct Sun, and Pets

Do you live in a space where direct sunlight is usually constant? Tha's a benefit that not many people have, especially people who live in countries with highly changing climates. However, never lose sight of where the strongest direct sunlight is cast during the brightest hours of the day. Excessive heat and ultraviolet rays are capable of roasting and cracking all types of materials. The most intense sources of direct sunlight are usually regulated with good-quality blinds, most of all if they are blackout blinds capable of completely blocking the entry of light.

You must be especially careful with liquids that spill on your sofa. Liquid stains have their ideal ways to be cleaned depending on the spilled substance. Even the best sofas, made with top-notch materials, are vulnerable to the most difficult stains caused by liquid spills that can penetrate certain surfaces. If this happens, you have to try to remove the stains as quickly as possible. Ink stains can almost always be removed with a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol, which can be gently rubbed over the stain to remove it. A hair dryer set to its lowest temperature can optimally complete the task.

If your furniture has been stained with traces of grease, the best way to clean it is with a dry cloth, without adding water or any other solvent. We know how much you love your pets and that they are among the most important members of your family, but you should try to keep them away from your furniture. Leather surfaces are especially susceptible to claw scratches and sharp nails. Give them their place with a blanket and educate them not to climb on the sofa.

If you still don't know the type of modern sofa you want for your living room, you can check the options available at Manhattan Home Design. You'll surely find the best sofas for your decorating style.