Top 5 Reasons Why Your Marleen Bed Should Be Part of Your Bedroom

Posted by Eloy on Sep 8th 2021

From Manhattan Home Design, we are constantly recommending many of our products. We are convinced that we represent one of the best alternatives for you due to our modern pieces, high-quality standards, functional, aesthetic, and ergonomic models for any area of your home where you can use them.

This guide is particularly useful if you're setting up or remodeling your bedroom and want to add that final touch of style and class with a Marleen bed. This is an amazing and quite elegant modern bed frame, which has become the favorite of dozens of users who review our catalog in search of an interesting bed and end up dazzled by its appealing features. In this checklist, we give you enough reasons to go for it:

5 Aspects That Make The Marleen Bed a Great Creation

This list is aimed to cover the most essential aspects related to a modern bed, but you can add any other that you consider necessary or appropriate:

  1. The dimensions. According to what you have established in your floor plan and how you have distributed or plan to distribute the elements in your bedroom space, the dimensions of your future Marleen bed are a key factor. This model has the appropriate dimensions for an average bedroom in which you're going to use a double bed: neither too extravagant nor too minimalist, so the size should not be a problem for you.
  2. The materials. This aspect of any piece of furniture is directly related to the product's durability and certain environmental aspects, such as weather, dust, humidity, and extreme temperatures. The Marleen bed includes strong metal brackets that hold the standard quality frame, and its head is made of pine wood.
  3. It can be your bedroom's focal point. Just take a look to see that this bed can easily become the center of attention in your bedroom. You can hardly get any other item that can steal the spotlight the way your Marleen bed surely will. After all, modern beds usually have a special role in any bedroom.
  4. The style. This is usually a direct statement about your personality, tastes, preferences, and what you want to express through your interior design. The Marleen bed wood frame is fully wrapped in a triple layer of multi-density foam padding. Something so good-looking that not any other model will be able to overcome.
  5. The colors. The color palette of your room and the colors of your bed frame have a very close relationship. Some bed models represent the perfect accent color for an area to enhance color contrast. Others are formidably coupled to the predominant tones and help to reinforce the overall color composition. We recommend that you use your Marleen Bed Wood Frame with a palette of light hues similar to those of its exquisite and soft upholstery to make your room look like a temple of rest.

The results of a correct furniture choice can be highly satisfactory and can make you feel pleased for many years. Every time it comes your moment to rest in your Marleen bed frame, you'll confirm that you made the best decision.