Top 5 Ways You Can Make Up The Perfect Setting With Your Bellini Camaleonda Sofa

Posted by Eloy on Sep 13th 2021

If you've fallen in love with the Mid-Century Modern style and some of its models, such as the Mario Bellini Camaleonda sofa, you probably want to adopt it in every corner of your home. Naturally, after having discovered its charms for the first time, you want the MCM spirit to be present in every corner of your house. If you haven't yet come up with many ideas about how you can give your living room an MCM style, you could consider these five tips that will be very useful to start this wonderful transformation:

  1. Make a review of your furniture selection. The end table, the dresser, the coffee table, and especially the sofa… You probably have one of each piece already, but even if this is the case, then you may need to replace them with others that more directly reflect the style you want to express. Remember that the secret of originality is in the details. The MCM-style pieces have a particular emphasis on function, that is why the modular sofas have a special place of honor in the category of functional designs since they are transformable pieces that can bring a bunch of possibilities.
  2. New colors, new life. If there's something that identifies MCM style, it's the use of vivid tones as accents on a neutral color palette. This visual contrast is one of the most typical characteristics of this style and a starting point for creativity. To create a relaxing atmosphere within your living room, you can choose a beige tone, pastel colors, or a neutral shade such as gray or white, while the sofa's throw pillows can be more boldly dressed in a striking hue, such as orange or dark brown to make them your accent tones.
  3. Add a star piece. An iconic and representative Mid-Century Modern piece is the ultimate seal that gives name and soul to the adopted decorating trend. Having a modular iconic sofa or a tanned leather couch in the middle of your living room is to make your affinity clear with this way of decorating and, at the same time, add an impressive visual appeal of great class.
  4. Select metallic touches. The metallic touches, used strategically, can add more shine and charm to the overall visual composition, much more if they're gold or silver tones. These can be small ornaments placed in well-lit spots or the components of a lamp, a piece of furniture, or even a mirror. Use this resource wisely to add a better balance between matte surfaces and glossy highlights.
  5. The floor is your canvas. Wooden floors are usually very common in the MCM, as they tend to combine spectacularly with your furniture. If your floor has another type of finish, you may want to replace it with a wooden one, but if you prefer to leave it as it is, try to make it look its best. There are special treatments for each type of material capable of leaving the surfaces like new.

These five ideas are just the starting point for you to begin configuring the new face you want to give your house's cover letter. Even if you don't usually receive many guests in your home, you can still boast of having a living room with a sensational style.