​Wassily Chair Replica & More Modern Metal Chairs to Enhance Your Space

Posted by Gabriela Martinez on Sep 17th 2021

When decorating a room, there are some simple tricks that enhance the space in a matter of seconds. One of the favorite tips for interior designers is the strategic addition of an accent chair.

An accent chair is nothing more than a chair with a particular design that can serve as a focal point, this chair is usually positioned in corners where emptiness tends to bother to a visual level.

These elements have much more power than you might think in a room and today we will share some modern metal chairs that will help you give it that drastic decorative twist that you have been looking for so much. Let us begin!

Wassily chair has the most interesting structure

Our list is headed by this classic of modern/industrial design also called B3, but why? Remember what we said earlier about accent chairs and focal points? Well, the Wassily chair replica can efficiently perform this role since it has a complex but visually fluent structure.

The Wassily chair can hold you by mere tension of the leather placed on the seat, back, and arms. Unfortunately, like most of the iconic pieces, they are not too affordable… But Manhattan Home Design got your back!

Our Wassily chair replica is loyal to the original design, it does not have any type of padded seat or some thick base, on the contrary, it is made up of thin chromed steel tubes that flow from top to bottom continuously. In addition, the pieces of leather stretched to support the weight of a person are made of cowhide. This leather not only gives it that modern touch but it is also what makes it resistant and durable.

Where does this modern accent chair look better? The Wassily leather chair is perfect to decorate your living room since it usually looks a bit elegant for a bedroom.

Hans J Wegner Flag Halyard Chair, the excentric look

This chair is very similar to the previous one because it holds the weight by mere tension of the lining used. La Flag Halyard chair has over 700 feet of textured flag line that make up the seat and the back of this chair is woven around the frame with a special technique that gives it firmness and consistency,

Where can you use this chair? This chair model is definitely best for bedrooms due to its fluffy and warm appearance. Perfect for meditating or reading before bed.

Halifax Chair, the traditional look

This piece is a bit more traditional than the previous ones, in case you prefer a serene look. The industrial feel and the laid-back structure are also perfect to offer some kind of privacy in the living room.

What do you think about these modern metal chairs? Comment below which was your favorite!